Just wanted to say Hi

Hello everyone! I’m Armory, since I thought that was a cool name. I’ve been lurking around this website sometime now and I finally decided to make an account.

I first got into Fire Emblem through Sacred Stones which was my first FE that I played, Gerik is probably my favourite character haha. I then got into trying out some romhacks like The Last Promise, Crimson Arm and Justice & Pride. I’m amazed at how far the rom hacking community has come too, with so many romhacks being complete and ready to play.

I don’t intend to do romhacking myself since I don’t really have the time, but I might consider LPing some games instead but I don’t really know yet.


Welcome to FEUniverse, Armory~
I hope you’ll find lots of cool projects to enjoy that fit your taste. ^u^

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Welcome to FEUniverse Armory!
I hope you have a great time here!
There are loads of great Fire Emblem romhacks on this site and you can find a lot of them in the Fire Emblem Fan Hack repository! There are so many rom hacks, that I’m 100% sure that no one has ever completed all of them!

Good luck playing those rom hacks! I might even check out some of you LP’s, if you decide to do that!


Thanks XPGames, Forgot to mention I have somehow managed to beat The Last Promise twice, it’s probably my favourite romhack though it does have its flaws.

And yeah LPs is one thing I kinda want to do at some point (since I do have a youtube channel), but again like hacking requires time and I don’t really have much of it right now.

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Cool! Welcome to the site, Armory! Glad to have you!:3

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So, yes… Hi!


Oh, hello. Can’t welcome ya coz I’m fairly new as well but lookin’ forward to seeing your LPs!


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