Just Another FE8 PME

Hoy there! This idiot seems to be thinking of doing one of these whatsits.

Just doing this for fun, really. I think I already understand hacking enough to do a lot of what I want to do with it, but uh… might still learn stuff so there’s that possibility too. Who knows~

So since I’m… moderately lazy and uh… other reasons that totally exist right now I am only thinking until the route split, so for now only those characters’ll be listed, afterwards I’ll list everyone else, but those slots will mostly depend on if doing this interests me enough …sorry, but putting that out there on the forefront, i’ve looked at a few of these that were just abandoned and I really do not like wasting peoples’ time, so better to just say it now.

Anyways! Rules, I s’pose~

  • One playable and one boss character a day, just the standard people do for these.

  • Boons and banes of +/-3 to stats, only excluding movement, constitution is fair game.

  • Custom classes are of course permitted.

  • Sorry but uhm… no ‘meme’ units, they’re not interesting to me at all. This doesn’t necessarily exclude funny units or monsters. I’m not a ‘total’ killjoy.

  • On interest, interesting units are likely the most favourable, I just like fun ideas.

  • Currently on the fence about skills, but I’ll toss Personal Skill onto the template in case it does get used. Might try to make custom skills so if you want a custom one and I do then feel free to note it and what it does. I’m a bit daft with actual ASM so please keep it simple!

  • Might have it be single promotions, don’t know yet-- so if I do please do note preferred promotion!

  • Extra character slots exist. I’m not sure when I’ll make these extras appear, but they’re there if people want to use them, feel free to also note which chapter and when you’d like them to appear-- including 5x.

  • I’m stealing Eirika. Everything I do must contain at least one foxgirl. Yoink.

  • …Not really a rule but having a healer would be nice. welp.

Character slots~


(Prologue > Ch. 8)
Eirika - Amaya (Vallum) ~ VelvetKitsune
Seth - Ahirman (Trueblade) ~ ReturnOfTheBlackKnight
Franz - Rodrick (Myrmidon) ~ Taylor
Gillam - Brick (Bowman) ~ DATonDemand
Vanessa - Boris (Knight) ~ Petey
Moulder - Big Boney (Dark Cleric) ~ Omnifox999
Ross - Amane (Sword Princess) ~ UncleDrAgN
Garcia - Xilian (Holy Fencer) ~ Dex
Neimi - Gordon (Undead Priest) ~ Omnifox999
Colm - Faya (Bandit) ~ Someone
Artur - Fang (Mercenary) ~ Freefall
Lute - Erith (WyvernRider) ~ Omnifox999
Natasha - Zion (Deserter) ~ GenericSoldier1
Joshua - Tija (Myrmidon) ~ Taylor
Ephraim - Max (Lord) ~ MaxTheUltimateSwordmaster
Forde - Kiri Phoenix (Fire Tactician) ~ Lukirioh
Kyle - Adil (Cavalier) ~ Taylor
Orson - Emiliana (War Cleric) ~ Someone

Extra 1 - Lily (Dark Mage) ~ ReturnOfTheBlackKnight ((Chapter 5x))
Extra 2 - Hypasia (Wing Knight) ~ VelvetKitsune ((Chapter 2))
Extra 3 - Esfil (Mage) ~ Dex ((Chapter 6))
Extra 4 - Bella (Thief) ~ Dex ((Chapter 8))
Extra 5 - Gabi (Troubadour) ~ Dex ((Chapter 7))

(Ch. 9 > Ch. 15)
Tana - Greg (Manakete) ~ Omnifox999
Amelia - Xacain (Hector Lord) ~ Taylor
Innes - Xavir (Hero) ~ CrimZun
Gerik - Rayne (Axe Wyvern Rider) ~ Taylor
Tethys - Liddell(?) (Witch) ~ nickfan1
Marisa - Mandla (Wyvern Rider) ~ Taylor
L’Arachel - Segislinda (Eirika Lord) ~ Someone
Dozla - Oran (Soldier) ~ Taylor
Saleh - Kazahana (Qiubai) ~ Solusaeternus
Ewan - Tieria (Pupil) ~ Taylor
Cormag - Callie (Pegasus Knight) ~ Taylor
Rennac - Gwaine (Hero) ~ Genericguy
Duessel - Exia (Crusader) ~ Ultimiter
Knoll - X (Archer) ~ Dex

Extra 6 - Dahlia (Shaman) ~ MaxTheUltimateSwordmaster
Extra 7 - Ed (Brigand) ~ TheEmeraldKing267

(Ch. 16+)
Myrrh - Ratatosk (Lion King) ~ ReturnOfTheBlackKnight
Syrene - Zeta (Assassin) ~ UncleDrAgN

Caellach CC - Doug (Baron) ~ Petey
Orson CC - Denning (Specialist) ~ Taylor
Riev CC - Egdrizel (Necromancer) ~ Taylor
Ismaire CC - Ventura (Priestess) ~ Taylor ((Chapter 17))
Selena CC - Hoshiko (Divine Dragon) ~ Taylor ((Chapter 18))
Glen CC - Lee (Great Lord) ~ Freefall
Hayden CC - Eva (Ascended Cultist) ~ UncleDrAgN
Valter CC - Lorenz (Black Paladin) ~ ReturnOfTheBlackKnight
Fado CC - Animus (King) ~ UncleDrAgN
Lyon CC - Sora (Seraph Knight) ~ Dex ((Chapter 17))


(Prologue > Ch. 8)
O’Neill - Daniel (Soldier) ~ TheEmeraldKing267
Breguet - Bryce (Fighter) ~ TheEmeraldKing267
Bone - Walter (Wyvern Rider) ~ Freefall
Bazba - Ted (Brigand) ~ TheEmeraldKing267
Ch.4 Monster - Strega (Shaman) ~ Freefall
Saar - Lee (Soldier) ~ Freefall
Zonta - Cyan (Myrmidon) ~ Someone
Novala - Ignacio (Myrmidon) ~ UncleDrAgN
Murray - Rockwell (Brigand) ~ TheEmeraldKing267
Tirado - Alfred (Baron) ~ UncleDrAgN

(Ch. 9 > Ch. 15)
Binks - Spitta (Druid) ~ TheEmeraldKing267
Pablo - Delta (Seraph Knight) ~ Dex
Ch.11A Monster - Gary (Warrior) ~ TheEmeraldKing267
Ch.12A Monster - Anderson (Berserker) ~ TheEmeraldKing267
Aias - Lee (General) ~ Freefall
Carlyle - Windsor (Great Knight) ~ TheEmeraldKing267
Gheb - Ghoby (General) ~ TheEmeraldKing267
Beran - Johnathan (Wyvern Knight) ~ Freefall
Ch.11B Monster - Jamil (Fallen Bishop) ~ TheEmeraldKing267
Ch.12B Monster - Toronto (Berserker) ~ TheEmeraldKing267
Selena - Barbara (Ballistician) ~ Someone
Vigarde - Fargus (King) ~ Taylor
Caellach - Hendrik (Wyvern Lord) ~ TheEmeraldKing267
Valter - Treyarch (Baron) ~ TheEmeraldKing267

(Ch. 16+)
Orson - Emiliana (War Cleric) ~ Someone
Lyon - Saleos (Dark Druid) ~ Hindan
Ch.18 Monster - Lee? (Deathgoyle) ~ Freefall
Riev - Sagumoto (Swordmaster) ~ Dex
Morva - Curse Dragon (Curse Dragon) ~ Ultimitier
Formortiis - The Overmaster (The One Being) ~ TheEmeraldKing267

Playable Template~

Promoted Class:


Personal Skill:

(375% max for normal characters. Probably too much but it’s what I seem to use as standard)
(600% for Myrrh and unpromoted-units-turned-prepromote. Their level and character stats will go down too.)


Death Quote:



Class Animation(s):


Other stuff (Credits and/or misc stuff I may have forgotten):

Boss Template~



Personal Skill:

Battle Quote:
Unique Battle Quotes (Depending on if you want something new):
Death Quote:



Class Animation(s):


Other stuff (Credits and/or misc stuff I may have forgotten):

Playthrough Playlist~

Current Demo~ (Route Split rewriting, Chapter 15 gameplay)

Alternate version

Current Demo~ (Ch. 8)


I claim seth.

Name: Ahirman
Gender: Male
Replacing: Seth
Affinity: Dark
Promoted Class: Trueblade (One who has reached the pinnacle of swordsmanship)

Boon: Defense
Bane: Skill

Personal skill : Great Shield (Defense %)

Growths: (375% max. Probably too much but it’s what I seem to use as standard)
HP: 80
STR: 50
MAG: 20
SKL: 65
SPD: 60
LCK: 35
DEF: 40
RES: 25

Description: The greatest swordsman to exist. Wielder of Eternal Edge
Death Quote: Heh… Pathetic. You think you have defeated me ? You have just lucked out kid.

Tales of Berseria - Velvet Crowe

Map Sprite :
Sephiroth idle Sephiroth move
Class Animation(s):

Inventory: Eternal Edge :
Mt : 12, Hit : 80, Crit : 10, Range : 1-2, Wt : 13, Uses :–
(As immortal as it’s wielder.)

Other stuff (Credits and/or misc stuff I may have forgotten): SHYUTERz, N426, AKA, Trooper, Zeldacrafter64

If it’s not too late then can you change his boon and bane ? I didn’t knew much about bases and stuff when I created him.

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Oh! Uhm… Sorry, but characters from other games I will also not really accept.
Differentiating him enough to be a big reference or expy is fair enough though, so a different enough portrait and name and stuff. sorry ;_;

But animation can be same right ? I will change his name and portrait. Is that good enough ?

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Aye, the animation can be the same!
Apologies for being rather unreasonably pendantic.

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hey sup bros im new and i cant seem to post my playable

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Oh my. What sort of issue are you having? It might be due to a low member rank, in which case you will need to post around and stuff.

Name: zion
Gender: male
Replacing: Natasha
Affinity: Wind
Class: Deserter
Promoted Class: Halberdier

Boon: speed
Bane: def
Personal skill: lancefaire
Growths: (375% max. Probably too much but it’s what I seem to use as standard)
HP: 75
STR: 80
MAG: 0
SKL: 50
SPD: 70
LCK: 40
DEF: 20
RES: 40

Description: a deserter of grado kind but self doubting
Death Quote: urgh… should’nt have left my post should have known I’d get killed by these guys

Portrait: generic soldier portrait


Class Animation: deserter anim

Inventory: iron lance javelin vulnerary

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there nvm yeah think i just need to post somethings

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Oops, seems I’m yet again a bit of a derp and forgot to write the Personal Skill thing into the template, so uhm… please take a look again at that!

Name: Brick
Gender: Male
Replacing: Gilliam
Affinity: light
Class: New class: Bowman (is an armored archer, weak against armor eff but has boosted strength and def with the set back of lowered spd, let’s say +3 in def and str and -2 in spd and -1 in res)

Credit to pushwall

Promoted Class: Long Bowman (Basically the same idea but for the sniper.

Credit to: Meteor, Nuramon, Swain, Temp.

Boon: str
Bane: res

Personal Skill: Wary Fighter

Growths: (375% max. Probably too much but it’s what I seem to use as standard)
HP: 75
STR: 60
MAG: 20
SKL: 45
SPD: 35
LCK: 35
DEF: 60
RES: 45

Description: Name used to be rick, changed it to brick, don’t let me get hit with them magick.
Death Quote: Ya thing ya slick, for breaking the brick?
I’m just droppin the mic ya di…

Sterling Glovner OC (Self OC) 1

Credit to: Sterling Glovner
Palette: lazy, will do tomorrow

Class Animation(s):

-iron bow
-steel bow
-pure water
Other stuff (Credits and/or misc stuff I may have forgotten):

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Can you change Ahirman’s hair into black in his battle pallet ? That would be really cool.

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Name: Max
Gender: Male
Replacing: Ephraim
Affinity: Thunder
Class: Lord (Mage Lord, uses Anima)
Promoted Class: Overlord (uses Lances, Anima, Dark and Staves)

Boon: Speed
Bane: HP

Personal Skill: Critical Force

HP: 70%
STR: 30%
MAG: 75%
SKL: 55%
SPD: 55%
LCK: 30%
DEF: 30%
RES: 30%

Description: A noble and son of a renowned Mage General who seeks to master the arcane.
Death Quote: Damn… is this… truly the best… I could aspire to?..

Portrait: (made by me, refurbished by Bwan)




Class Animations: (Lord by TyTheBub, Overlord by Nuramon)
Lord: FE-Repo/Battle Animations/Magi - Special/[Eliwood-Variant] [M] Mage Lord by TytheBub at 1498b67a7d5ac7752492b55c9a4e91ce52f17199 · Klokinator/FE-Repo · GitHub
Overlord: FE-Repo/Battle Animations/Lords - Vanilla and Custom/[FE7 Hector-Variant] [U] T2 Harbinger by Nuramon at main · Klokinator/FE-Repo · GitHub

Map Sprites: (Lord Sprite by TyTheBub, Overlord Sprite by Pikmin and Unknown)

Mage Lord (M) Eliwood 16x16 {TyTheBub}-stand
Mage Lord (M) Eliwood {TyTheBub}-walk

Dragoon (M) v2 Lance {Pikmin, Unknown}-stand
Dragoon (M) v2 Lance {Pikmin, Unknown}-walk

Tonitritius (replaces Reginleif)

50 Uses
9 Mt
70 Hit
7 Weight
30 Critical
1-2 Range
Effective against cavalry.

Icon: (made by Snakey1)
{Snakey1} icon 002


Name: Daniel
Gender: Male
Replacing: O’Neill
Affinity: Dark
Class: Soldier

Boon: Spd
Bane: Lck

Personal Skill: Pavise

Description: A great big jerk in Grado army
Battle Quote: Guess what time it is?! Yep time for a beat down!
Death Quote: How could… i… lose like this…


Inventory: Steel Lance, Spear

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Name: Xilian
Gender: M
Replacing: Garcia
Affinity: Fire
Class: Holy Fencer (Roy lord with healing)
Promoted Class: Blazeguard (Roy lord using binding blade animations with healing)

Boon: Mag
Bane: Res

Personal Skill: Arcaneblade

HP: 70
STR: 60
MAG: 45
SKL: 35
SPD: 50
LCK: 60
DEF: 30
RES: 25

Description: A swordsman who has adopted the way of the holy man
Death Quote: No… I can’t give in yet… THERE IS TO MUCH AT STAKE…

Its_Just_Jay F2E 15

Palette: I suck at those so none from me

Class Animation(s):

Iron Sword

Other stuff (Credits and/or misc stuff I may have forgotten):
Roy magic animation is from Pikmin
The portrait is from its_just_jay
Map sprites
Lord (M) Roy T1 {IS}-stand

Lord (M) Roy T2 {IS}-stand

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Name: Tija
Gender: Female (Male for gameplay purposes)
Replacing: Joshua
Affinity: Ice
Class: Myrmidon
Promoted Class: Swordmaster

Boon: Con
Bane: Res

Personal Skill: (New) Triangle Advantage, If unit fights an enemy with a axe, sword, or lance unit gains +5 Atk +50 hit and +15 Crit

Growths: (375% max. Probably too much but it’s what I seem to use as standard)
HP: 70
STR: 70
MAG: 0
SKL: 70
SPD: 70
LCK: 30
DEF: 30
RES: 35

Description: A swordswoman who keeps to herself.

Death Quote: …

Portrait made by RedBean


Class Animation(s):
Myrmidon animation
Swordmaster Animation

Lunar Blade (0 Mt, 80 hit, 0 crit, 1 rng, unbreakable. Ignores defense) sword

Body Ring

Other stuff (Credits and/or misc stuff I may have forgotten):
Myrmidon and Swordmaster animations made by RobertFPY

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Just a direct reply to you to let you know you may add a skill if you’d like-- if not I’ll probably choose one that seems to fit at random.

Aye, that can be done indeed! I’d assume to anyway, unless his sword uses the same colours. …And it seems that was the case. Ah well, I’ll try to figure something out.

Anything in particular you’d like to see for the spell animation?

No worries on that! It’s about optional, hehehe.
Would you like the map sprites to have white hair as well? Could be a fun little thing to do.

Are you saying this as a cheaty little way to squeeze out more constitution? Hehe.

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Why not sounds good

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Oh hey, another one of these! Another PME, another dumb unit with probably weird gameplay!
Name: Big Boney
Gender: Male
Replacing: Moulder
Affinity: Dark
Class: Dark Cleric (Shaman, but with staves. Anims are here!)
Promoted Class: Druid

Boon: Con
Bane: Speed

Personal Skill: Staff Savant

Growths: (375% max. Probably too much but it’s what I seem to use as standard)
HP: 75
STR: 0
MAG: 75
SKL: 20
SPD: 50
LCK: 5
DEF: 75
RES: 75

Description: A random skeleton. Knows how to use healing staves, since he thought they could make milk one time. Enjoys calcium.
Death Quote: Rattling noise oh no.

Cantor {Matthieu, L95}
Credit to L95 for the portrait.
I’m bad at these, so like… just use a generic dark mage palette I guess?
Class Animation(s):

Calcium Crusher (10 Power, 65 hit, 60 uses, 12 weight Prf dark tome)
Other stuff (Credits and/or misc stuff I may have forgotten):
nothing I can think of!

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