Just a small question on how the community percives this

Ive been constructing a ROM hack for quite some time (A few years) using only free to use elements from the community, and ofc modifying them a bit, etc etc. I have only one self made portrait. Assuming i credit all, how does the community see projects like this?


Your hack should be fine. Free to use assets are meant to be freely used by the community, after all. You shouldn’t have to worry about using free to use assets, though you should still credit the users that made the assets. Usually assets list whoever made them, so you shouldn’t have difficulty finding the users’ names.


Well it complies with the rules, if that’s what you’re asking.

Can’t really tell you how the community “sees projects like this” because they don’t come up all that often (though they are becoming more frequent). But surely, you have an original story and whatnot? Maybe original maps? If it’s just portraits and animations, then nobody but people with totally unreasonable expectations of what hacking is will have an issue with it.


yeah, completly original story and map designs

Just wanted to say, as a member of the “no artistic training” gang, I made a hack using all community assets and no one’s really mentioned it yet, so I’d rest easy.


When it comes to the community, people tend to ignore projects that aren’t well-known big name hacks. My view on free to use stuff is that it’s fine as a placeholder. If you’re using these assets to save time for improving the story and gameplay, then good for you.


Probably Later on when everything is complete i would consider persuing making custom designs, or hireing people to do so.

Pass on the knowledge you have gained from community to others.
I want you to pass on the various knowledge you have gained in creating your work to others.
If you have made your own paintings, music, or programs, please publish them with a free license as well, whenever possible.
That way, you can help others.
If you get help from one person, you should try to help two people.
If we do that, the community will develop.
At least that’s what I think.


Well said, and will do!

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