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i may be a familiar face on the discord and on twitter, but i’ve been meaning to make a thread for a while now!

my digital art on twitter is pretty well-known, but i’d like to showcase some relevant skills for hacking; spriting and music. spriting is something that comes to me just as naturally as drawing does, although there is always room for improvement. music, on the other hand, is something that i don’t have as much experience with, but i experiment with melodies and edits from time to time.

with that being said, enjoy! please note that all portraits and music are NOT F2U/F2E, unless it is stated otherwise!

Sprites (OC / Alts)

the sprites shown below are all part of a work-in-progress hack and are therefore not available to be used or edited without my permission. it is also not an exhaustive collection of sprites, as it is currently in development.

Music / Music Edits

music is something of a slightly-explored endeavor for me. for now, i’m not a professional, nor can i call myself a music hobbyist(?). but i know i can get better at it. once again, these pieces are NOT free for use or editing.

FE6 - Scars of the Scouring w/ percussion

OC - March to Battle

OC - March to War

thanks for viewing my content!

ghadir idle


The sprites look amazing! And judging by the overall style of the characters, I guess your hack will have a steppe-like theme(?
Already looking forward to know more about it!

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I’ve commented on a lot of these sprites on the discord, but it’s great seeing them all together like this.

You do fun designs, and I am loving the Sacaen based cast you’ve got here.

If I had to give some criticism, the Male Generic Wenresh, and Arban seem to have slightly oversized heads compared to everyone else. Especially the Generic is a lil wide in the face imo?

Awesome stuff though, keep it up!

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Speak of the devil… Is that my boy Glass in that sprite-sheet all scarred up?

Whether it is or not, you’ve got a lot of good work up there. :+1:

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thank you, and thanks for the tip! i’ll adjust them accordingly while i’m working on the other sprites.

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some new sprite additions to the cast!

Tungge, the sociable Sacaean fighter:

Pensha, the irritable Sacaean cleric:

Eina, a good-natured “Christmas” merc who fights alongside Adun:

and Nohai, the critical Djute general:
Sacae 998A.emulator-0


I will always have a soft spot for turned head mugs lol. Looking great

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new versions of zephiel and brunnya:



judain the observant cavalier and delger the aspiring swordfighter:



(big thanks to the blind archer for the edit and tips on zephiel)


Awesome stuff! Always a treat seeing your spritework on Discord. A very unique and refreshing take on FE style.

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the rebellious, yet ambitious wyvern rider, johanna:

and her long-lost brother(?), captain of brunnya’s wyvern rider squad, jordan:

additionally, the studious son of marquess kathelet, garland (wip?):

and finally, a new, intense player phase map theme against a very particular enemy - “gales of bern”:

enjoy : )