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All right. I think I’ve made enough stuff at this point to warrant keeping it all in my own thread.

For Fun/Ugly Mugs (F2U/F2E)

Splices made with the intention of being bad/ugly. Or just for the ha-ha funnies. No frames as of yet, unfortunately. Maybe one day I’ll get around to it. Maybe not. Credit’s not necessary for these, but appreciated, I guess. Probably usable in hacks, as well as Lext Talionis and Tactile. Not really designed with intent for use (at least not on my end), but more for shits and giggles. Have fun.
Ugly Mug 1

Ugly Mug 2

Ugly Mug 3

Medieval Eggman
He is the Eggman! In medieval times! Quick edit of another mug later on.

Project Mugs (F2U/F2E)

Mugs made for a personal project. I’m willing to share, but I REALLY need credit for these. Also, no frames yet, but for different reasons than the above. I’d prefer to wait until said project has been uploaded before sharing them. While some of these use more spliced bits than others, there’s a lot of custom parts in here, too. With major characters, I try to make it a point to keep splicing minimal, and only using it to exclusively create outlines if I can. Intended for use in Tactile. Not likely usable in hacks due to color limits likely being broken on most of these, and will mostly require height adjustments for Lex Talionis.

Name: Baldur
Class: Outlander
Age: 19
(Currently working on flipped version due to asymmetry.)

Y!Baldur Y!BaldurFLIP
Name: Baldur (Young Version)
Class: Civilian
Age: 8
(Flipped versions have little difference, but the mole placement is important. Not really for story purposes, but more for personal OCD purposes.)

Name: Alruna
Class: Heiress
Age: 18
(Younger version is in progress.)

Name: Haufen
Class: TBD (Brigand or Convict [Chain-weapon user])
Age: 38
(Enemy boss character. Really splicey. TBH, not sure if I’ll keep this mug. If I do, I’ll prolly do a fairly large edit, but he’s not really high on priority rn.)

Unknown Wait a Minute
Two variations of a mug that got turned into the Eggman joke from above. Uncertain purpose as of yet.

A number of others are WIP, but not quite ready for sharing. Will share as I make more.

Icons (F2U/F2E)

All of the following are icons I’ve made for use in Tactile (many for my own project). They are also likely useable in Lex Talionis. As far as use in hacks, probably not useful there. If you find some that don’t break color limits, be my guest. But as I’m working in Tactile, that’s not my focus. Credit greatly desired for these.

Weapon Level Icons
Weapon Level icons, both in a format akin to the 3DS games and in a GBA-ish style (similar but not identical to GBA icons, and almost definitely palette breaking). This includes an icon for the Chain weapons I mentioned with Haufen above.

Skills icons I’ve made that most of you are familiar with already from the Ultimate Graphics Repo, but hey, it’s worth putting in my own thread. Not necessarily planning to use all of these, so if you have a use for them, feel free to use them. But of course, credit me if you do.

Same as above, but… they’re scrolls now, I guess? Easy and quick conversion. Also, the icon for “Outrealm Skills” (i.e. the question mark) could make for an interesting scroll that must be identified at a special vendor or something if anyone wants to do that. If not, meh. I’ve already got a bunch of other stuff I’m working on in my project, so I prolly won’t incorporate that.

Map Sprites (F2U/F2E)

Map sprites that I will likely be using in my own project, but if they are at all useful to you, feel free to use them. Just, as usual, please give credit.

Outlander (the class that Baldur from the “Project Mugs” section belongs to.) Prf weapon is the Flambard.

UGR Versions

T1LRD Outlander (M) (Baldur) Sword Standing {J-Treecko} T1LRD Outlander (M) (Baldur) Sword Moving {J-Treecko}

I believe that this is everything I have ready to share at the moment. Let me know your thoughts. I’ll update as I make more stuff. Will prolly add music at some point as well.


So um, I almost forgot to post this guy I made a while back. I’ll probably use him as a mug for one of the Jagen/Oifey characters I was going to use (Baldur and Alruna are the two main characters and end up splitting up early on, so I’m giving the player a different prepromote depending on which route they take). Either that or as another boss character.

First, his default palette, if I use him as a playable character.


Yeah, another fairly splicey one, but I am rather proud of the chainmail. It took a fair amount more work than it looks to get it functional. Of course, I’m not great at spriting in general so, maybe it’s just easier than I made it out to be. Either way, you don’t see that too often in FE sprites and I don’t really want to give up the idea of using this guy because of that.

Then a possible palette for a boss version:

Wait a Minute

Wait just a minute… maybe if we just do something like…

Click at Your Own Risk

Medieval Eggman

Also, I turned most of my skill icons into a bunch of Tellius-style Skill Scrolls as well. 'Twas easy and quick work, so why not?


Everything that is in this post is F2U/F2E, just give credit please. And yes, I am still planning to use this char, though not the, uhm, crossover version in the hider XD


One more update to Skills and Scrolls, and this should more than cover everything I need out of these for my project for a while, so further progress on them will be slower going forward.
(“Discipline” does not have the “x2” included due to it making the icon feel too busy for my liking when I tried to incorporate it. Also, “Occult Scroll” :smiley: )
That said, if there is a skill you would like to see, you can always let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

Updated Full Sheets


As per usual, F2U/E with credit.

EDIT: Fixed some unintentional funk with the skill scroll sheet. :man_shrugging: Time to get to work on some Map Sprites, Mugs, and Weapon/Item Icons. Wheeeeeeee~~


Preview of the Outlander map sprite if anyone be interested. tbh i kinda suck at these, but the only way to improve is practice, ig


Prolly not going to finish everything with him before work today. But when I do finish hopefully tomorrow but prolly the next day or w/e I will share the full sheet.


Brief update on stuff before I go make beef n cheddars for moneys.

Outlander is now only missing side-view frames:
(Not claiming this is the best map sprite in the world, but it works at least until I have a little bit more time on my hands to fix any mistakes. I have tomorrow off so hopefully :crossed_fingers: I can finish things then. )

Also WIP Weapon/Item Icons for Tac/LT
(Left: Salve, Vulnerary, Concoction, Elixir, Pure Water, Antitoxin)
(Middle: Flambard, Swords [Bronze, Iron, Steel, Silver], Blades [Bronze-Silver])
(Right: Partisan, Lances [Bronze-Silver], Pikes [Bronze-Silver])

F2U/E yadda yadda. You know the drill by this point lol


Love some of this stuff (especially the Eggman)

Keep it up!!

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XD Thanks! I know I’m not the greatest, but I try to at least make it fun lol

Now if I could just get better at these side-frames for the map sprites x_x


Hey a completed Outlander! Hopefully it doesn’t look too choppy or off-center anywhere. XD

EDIT: Realized I never drew the scarf on the l/r movement sprites. That is fixed now.

Also Idle pose was slightly off-center so that has been fixed. And scarf adjusted on it as well. Stuff lol


Been a long time since I’ve shared anything here. Not much, but here’s some skill icons I made last night and this morning. Includes a few (not necessarily good) attempts at FF14 skill icons ported to this style as well.


For a lazy day, I was surprisingly productive.

Did some fixing up of some of the old mugs a bit, and did some blinking/talking frames for them, as well as chibis.

Then I put together a few more skill icons.
Last 3 are once more from FF14.


So, idk why I never posted this here before, but I have a DeviantArt page. Got a lot that I need to upload yet (most of it is currently Pokemon stuff), but it’s there if anyone is interested at taking a look.

Also, I made a Discord server of my own for my projects. IDK if anyone is actually interested in joining it, but if you like my work, maybe think about jumping over there?

nice sprites in this thread

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