Jay(j)'s Sprites and Animations

I’m not really good at making posts like this, but I’m here anyway. I wanted to make this topic because I’ve been around for around two years now and I’ve done quite a few sprite works since then. I wouldn’t say all of it is Impressive, but I think some are decent or even good.

So first, I am going to start with animations in order that I created them in (It’s been a while so some may be out of order). Next will be the class cards, and finally the WIPs.

Finished Animations


Assassin Knife

Bow Eliwood (PrincessKilvas, Spud)

Dark Knight - Old version (Pikmin1211, DerTheVaporeon)
Sword (1) Magic
Sword Magic

Malig Knight (Pikmin1211)
axe handaxe Magic

Female Pirate (Furious Squid)
axe handaxe Unarmed

Lancer (TBA)
lancer 5 Unarmed

Updated Dark Knight (M) (Leo_Link, DerTheVaporeon, flasuban)
Sword Magic

Updated Dark Knight (F) (Leo_Link, DerTheVaporeon, flasuban)
Sword Magic

Tactician ( Marlon0024,Asael, Huichelaar)

Slight updated Malig Knight (Pikmin1211)
Axe Handaxe Magic

Dark Mage (M) - (Pikmin1211)

Dark Mage (F) - (Pikmin1211)

Class Cards

T1 Mage Fighter
MAG Mage Fighter (M) (Hoodless) {Jj09} (1)

LNC Lancer (M) {Jj09}

Harbinger (Flasuban)
LRD Harbinger (M) Magic {flasuban, Jj09}

Sergeant (DerTheVaporeon, Spud)
LNC Sergeant (M)  {Jj09, DerTheVaporeon, Spud} (1)

Dark Mage
MAG Dark Mage (M) {Jj09} (1)

Tactican (Aruka, Yggdra)
MAG Strategist (M) Magic {Aruka, Yggdra, Jj09}

Trickerster (Scraiza, Sword of Heaven and Earth)
SWD Trickster (M) Sword (T2) {Jj09, Scraiza, Sword of Heaven and Earth}

Dark Knight Sword (Pikmin1211)
MAG Dark Knight (M) Sword {Pikmin1211, Jj09} (1)

Dark Knight Magic (Pikmin1211)
MAG Dark Knight (M) Magic {Pikmin1211, Jj09} (1)

Fighter (HyperGammaSpaces)
AXE Fighter (F) Axe {Jj09, HyperGammaSpaces} (1)

Hunter (Spud)
BOW Hunter (F) {Spud, Jj09}

Female Warrior
AXE Warrior (F) Axe {Jj09} (1)


Female Mage Fighter Weapons (RedBean)
sword lanceaxe

Female Tactician (Marlon0024,Asael, Huichelaar)
Female tactican

Arbalest Re-Repalette (Ary)
Lance_000 (1)

Edit to Leo’s 3H Warrior (Leo_Link)
Leo 3H Warrior

Female Dark Mage (Pikmin1211)
Female Dark Mage

WIPs gifs

Tactician Staff (Marlon0024,Asael)
Staff 2 - Copy

Updated Vanguard Ike (FlyingAce24, Primefusion)
Sword test 4
Ike comparison

Female Leo Myrm (Leo_Link)
Female Leo Myrm

Charging Dragoon (Mercenary Lord, NYZGamer, Pikmin1211, Maiser6)
Dragoon charging

Man, that was a lot to upload. I was thinking about map sprites as well, but that isn’t as exciting to look at, But for now on I do plan on updating this thread every time I make a new sprite or animation. Last but not least, a new animation!

Dark Mage - Credit to Pik for the original concept and still.



These are really cool. Keep up the good work :smiley:

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Oh, Im not even finish. I just accidently posted too early.

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Oh lol. I’ll keep an eye on it then

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Wow, you have a lot of submissions. I bet you’d make for a great Repository organizer or something.



Leo Myrm Female

Don’t mind the shaky timing and the unpolished details; all soon will be fixed. Just posting this to show an update.