Java Unable to Launch Portrait Creators

Heya folks. First-time rom-hacker here. I’m attempting to make some custom portraits using the FE Character Creator made by TheFlyingMinotaur and released on reddit, and later updated by Baconmaster123.

Every time I attempt to open the .JAR file with the Java Web Start Launcher, I get an “Unable to launch the application,” notice. Details gives me:

“Error: Could not parse launch file. Error at line 1.”

So far the only advice I have been able to find was up to update Java, but it’s as updated as can be.

Anyone got any advice on resolving this? Could download some premade portraits here, maybe even make some edits in Paint or something, but I’d prefer to do something a little more ambitious if possible. Thanks in advance.

I recall that there may be issues if the character creator is kept in too many nested folders.

Also it seems like you are not aware of a further updated version here: GitHub - ValeTheVioletMote/fecc: Fire Emblem Character Creator v3

Thanks for the tip. I’ll try moving the new character creator to the desktop, in as few folders as possible, and see if that does the trick.

I downloaded version 3 to desktop and unzipped, but still can’t seem to get the thing running. I once again tried opening the .JAR file in Java, but no luck. Am I supposed to be doing something with the ‘run’ Windows Batch File? I’m pretty unfamiliar with Java.

Yeah, run the batch file.

Just double click on it.
Works for me.

If it doesn’t work check if you have java really installed.

Yep! This was the trick. Had to manually run the .bat file in Command Prompt to make anything happen.