Jason's Fire Emblem Fates Conquest X2 - An unfinished mod that duplicates every generic enemy

Jason’s Fire Emblem Fates Conquest X2 - An unfinished mod that duplicates every generic enemy is an unfinished Fire Emblem Fates mod that modifies the game by duplicating every generic enemy. Every generic enemy on every early game map until the Route Split and every Conquest map until Takumi’s Port Town Party has been duplicated.

It’s not finished yet, because while the Paragon mod maker lets me click different units on the same side, every time I go from clicking a red unit to a blue unit or a blue unit to a red unit, the tool freezes for 8-12 seconds or more every single time, and I can only add new units as generic blue player team placeholder units, move them into position next to the unit they are meant to duplicate, select a red enemy, wait 8-12 seconds, CTRL+C it, select the blue placeholder, wait 8-12 seconds, and then hit CTRL+V, and then wait 8-12 seconds until it’s done and the program accepts inputs again. Naturally, it wouldn’t take long to do the whole game if not for this problem, but now doing each enemy on any map takes forever. It’s like trying to write something in a laggy text processor that needs you to wait a while between each key press for it to respond again or it errors. I have no idea why it’s like this, but let me know if the program is ever updated to fix this issue.

Any generic enemy that normally spawns is now duplicated on the affected maps, so if you don’t want to face enemies who only show up on certain difficulties and their duplicates, you can play on a lower difficulty to remove them from the game. Is it possible to beat this mod on Hard Mode? No idea. Is it possible to beat this mod on Lunatic Mode? No idea! Is it possible to beat this mod on 0% Growths or Negative Growths? Probably not. I have playtested this mod and no maps crashed for me, but let me know if any crash for you.

You’ll know the mod was installed correctly if, during the first chapter (the dream sequence), Hans and Yukimura have their dialogue edited.

Garon: Listen up, cannon fodder! King Garon says to kill 'em all! This is our fate’s conquest!
Yukimura: Comrades! Do not let them cross this line. To defend Hoshido is our fate’s birthright!

Download Link for the romfs files: JasonsFEFatesConquestX2

I have no idea how to install it on real hardware. I don’t know what age rating to give this as the lines about this being our fate’s conquest/birthright are the only text edits my mod makes, so I rated it T since the original FE Fates was rated T.

Credit: Fire Emblem Fates by Nintendo


When you say “duplicates every generic enemy”, do you mean that you just (roughly) doubled the initial total enemy count in each chapter, or does that also for example include doubling the total enemy amount that spawns from failing to reach the Ice Tribe villages in Chapter 8?

Also this is an interesting concept for a mod, but I feel depending on how the player is willing to approach the map, it could make Conquest easier more than anything; you have more opportunity for EXP and WPN Rank grinding if you can set up opportunities to risklessly exploit the enemies.

It duplicates every generic enemy and during testing it also seemed to correctly duplicate the enemies spawned in by reinforcements, events, Ice Tribe villages, and so on.

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Nah, not for me :-1:

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this mod is huge news to people who want to play conquest with every enemy duplicated spawned in by map startup, reinforcements, events, ice tribe villages, and so on


I just wish I could modify the game to make beating it unlock a lovely shade of green for the title screen.

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