Izerna's Unfinished Sprites and other small projects

Hello, I go by Izerna and I have been interested in the Rom hacking scene since 2012-2013. Mostly just watching MarkyJoe in my youth and then started creating stuff since August.

While I don’t intend to create a fully fledged hack for public release I do enjoy creating or editing sprites, icons, and the occasional splice/recolor. Unfortunately, with the pandemic and college work, my motivation has plummeted through the ground. It doesn’t help that I have issues understanding how to insert animations properly into FE Builder. Only a few friends and family have seen some of my work. None of them are particularly interested in Fire Emblem so it’s hard to find any encouragement.

I don’t have much to show, but I have a few things to present.


I made this by using Eirika as the base. I added the legs of a rogue and the shield of a hero. The rest was made by me with some creative liberties. I have a basic attack animation but it’s not finish. Here is what I have so far:

Refresh_000 Refresh
Both the dance animation and the dodge animations are finish I just need to compile them into one gif.
I wanted to incorporate Naga but with the way GBA animation work I realized that it would look way too tacky. Now Deirdre has a banana growing on her head.

Maybe someday I’ll finish these but not now. Believe me, I don’t want Edelgard to be rotting inside my computer unfinished.


Eirika Guiniverehorn Deirport

If you intend to use/edit any of this(Don’t know why) please credit me. I worked really hard on it and I would be devastated if someone was praised for something I spent hours and days on ;-;.


Cool! Only thing I see naturally is that Edelgard could use some shading in places, particularly on Amyr. Otherwise, not a bad start imo.

They’re quite good

Err, is Ninian here supposed to be a still? Your words imply there’s a dance animation; maybe you forgot the gif?

In any case, that’s a cool Edelgard! Pretty smooth, well animated, and such. My one critique; she should pause for a moment when ‘winding up’ for the lunge-bash forward. Like this Fighter 2.0 animation.

This is called ‘anticiaption’ and it makes the attack ‘hit harder’ if theres’a pause before a big lunge forward.

Compare with and without anticipation.


Hope this helps!

P.S. it turns out your return frames aren’t all finished yet, but I tried retiming the gif to give an idea of what the timings might look like.

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What I meant about Ninian is that I have every frame finished it’s just that it’s not ready in gif form. If I showed it to you now you would eventually see Ninian twirl a few times with her hair unchanged. I’ll make a short gif as soon as I can.

I added shade to her boots which I’m not sure is noticeable. I’ll try to add color to Aymr.

Neat. Best of luck to you! :grin:

Alright, I have a Ninian animation.
It’s basically just Ninian with a perm. Nothing too special.

I also found a portrait I edited awhile ago.
The circlet was based on Mila’s Diadem from SoV.


Guinevere with white hair; great combo!

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Just made a splice today!
It’s pretty rough around the edges so I may update it if I feel the need to.


She reminds me of Deirdre, I like her design!

That’s the intention haha
I used Ninian’s face and Eleonora’s dress.

I also have a Julia recolor based off of Ninian that I made afterwards.
Ninian julia recolor

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Hmm! I’m sensing an ongoing white hair theme in this thread! White hair is my favorite, so fine by me.


Yes! Someone gets it!

I have something I’m very exited to show!
Who dis?