It's time I make an introduction, hey everyone!

Hiya, you can call me Alune!

I’ve been chatting in the discord server for a little while now, but realised I’ve still been a newbie lurker on the site itself, so figured I ought to finally make a proper introduction. I started with a cartridge of Fire Emblem 8 when I was a kid and was only able to get my hands on another game when Awakening was coming out and they actually marketed the series in Europe. Since then I’ve gone back and played every game in the franchise, as well as a number of hacks like The Last Promise, Requiem, Road to Ruin, Vision Quest, and a couple others. I messed around with Nightmare in much the same way I imagine others did: changing things like classes and stats in FE7 and being in awe over the most ordinary changes, but it’s only with my discovery of and exploration into FEBuilder that I’ve rediscovered my interest in the hacking community.

Favourite games are FE4 (despite its gameplay quirks, I adore the story), FE5 (one of my favourite lords and side characters), FE8 (first game, and I think it still holds up very well as the best of the GBA games) and FE10 (Micaiah and Ike are some favourites, and I’m a sucker for the inter-party conflict).

I’ve been working on a project which I hope to be able to share here soon! While it’s still in early days as far as number of chapters and content goes, I’ve been working hard to ensure it’s polished for an initial release in the hopes of finding some contributors, but more on that another time. That and I’m lacking the permissions for links and image uploads, so if nothing else it’s a good excuse to keep working on the next chapter. In the meantime you can find me lurking on the discord!

It’s been a real pleasure chatting to the awesome folks on the discord so far, and I hope to be able to give back to this amazing community. Glad to be here! :smiley:


Welcome Alune :partying_face: hope you enjoy your time here

Welcome to FEU! Where hardcore FE fans hack, talk, and make pretty cool graphics.

Greetings, Alune! Nothing to report!



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