It's Introduction time

My name is Jebgaz I have been browsing FEU for a while now, playing hacks here and there and finally decided to make an account. I only ever played Fire Emblem’s GBA games and I would like to get into hacking. I have started today with making maps as a start. As a welcome gift I’ve decided to share my first piece of work with you guys! All feedback is welcome!

If anyone has any tips on how to get into hacking or wants to work on something together in the future please let me know.



The maps good but dead end chests is most likely to slow you and more so if you have only one thief so i suggest moving the breakable wall on the right side of the chest making it a bit easy for thief (or a unit with lock touch if skills are being implimented) to catch upand a guard holding chest key to open top 2 chests. As i can guess u want a split army here which is very suitable on this map and i like it so i have no complain.
I think the lower mid part of the map is abit empty so may be a chest room with chest or two instead of three giant support beams

I have marked with a black dot on where i think the break able wall should be moved


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Thank you so much for the detailed critique! I was planning to add a guard yes that would have a chestkey in the top room to make sure u get the chests. Will fix the rest! Also, do you have any idea where I could post feedback for maps in the future like a dedicated sub?

Many thanks


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