It's Fire Emblem's 30th Anniversary today

Since this is a Fire Emblem site, we should probably do something Fire Emblem fans do. Like argue about pairings. Or hate Fire Emblem. Or argue about names. Or argue about whether Kaga was good or bad. Really, arguing is the most important part of this series.

So clearly we need a stupid thread dedicated to arguing about stupid things for the anniversary.

Here’s a prompt, bring out your best debating skills:

The best ship in the entire series is…

Ready? Fight!

Clearly, Marth x no pants is the best ship, because Marth was at his best without them. Once he put some off, he was a far weaker unit, and therefore pants is a terrible pairing for Marth.


The best ship in the entire series is clearly the one that Celica sails on in FE2, this pairing gives us all of those glorious boat maps.

Celica x Boat is the OTP.


Narcian x myself

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Wrong. Narcian could never love another person as much as he loves himself

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Is that a challenge?

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Elise x Xander’s sword and Sigurd x Fire best ships

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The whole Revelation DLC and the Recycling Bin.

It’s so heartwarming.


It’s sad that this thread is more exciting than what IS did for their own franchises’ 30th birthday.

While Dagdar x Eyvel is great, it’s hard to compete with Dagdar x Marty, the man who Dagdar loved.

Honorable mention to Dorcas x Natalie though. Dude became an early game bandit in a fire emblem game to help his wife out. If that is not a statement of love, then I do not know what love is.


Yeah man, Dorcas really put his life on the line. Who knows what kind of perils he might have endured? Perhaps one of his bandit brothers would’ve uncovered his soft-heartedness and poisoned his mutton if Lyn hadn’t come along?


No one would’ve ever done this to market a game to a western audience, no way!

Listen, you’ve been in the community for long enough, you should know the real best ships by now.

The best pairings are clearly Chrom/Camilla and Hector/Tharja.

I am best girl


Also, this seems like an opportune moment to bring up the fact that Vergil > Belf and anyone who says otherwise can go fuck themselves.

I also think that we should rename Samto to Santos, and Malliesia is clearly mistranslated and should be Malaysia.



Adam stop being a memer.


Remember what the outside world is like, FEU. It’s dangerous out there


Mega oof on that pic

Ooh, names. Zigludo is the optimal translation of the FE4 guy, and if you think otherwise, you’re incorrect and need terminology reeducation.

This hurts me.

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You can’t stop me Arch