It's been 7352 years

since I did a forum intro anywhere, hot damn.

Anyway hi, I’ve somehow been playing FE for like fifteen years or some shit and at long last my buddy Parr got me to play a hack. And it ruled, so I’m going to lurk around a bit and maybe help out here and there.

Also I’ve had visions of a FE-style map/combat/story engine plugin for Unity dancing in my head for some years? I can’t promise anything, because it’s all a matter of what I have time and energy to do outside of (or while procrastinating on) my day job. But if I do get round to it, this seems like a good space to yeet it into.


Hello @seraphknight

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Welcome @seraphknight hope you enjoy your time here

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Hello, I’ve dabbled into both Unity/Unreal engines myself, made basic tile movement in both engines to get a feel for the pros/cons. It’s not a priority project for me but looking at it long term. Let me know if you have thoughts.

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“since I did a forum intro anywhere, hot damn.”
I bet that with the mass exodus from social media platforms forums are going to make a resurgence.

And I think it’s funny I myself never did an introduction here, I guess I’m one of the characters like Barst that joins the party, gets stuff done, and refuses to elaborate.


Heh, I’m stuck in Unreal hell with work at the moment… My inclination would be Unity for a FE-like just cause it doesn’t need the raw power of Unreal, and is better documented. But that also might be the bias of having used it for longer idk.

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