Issue with character replacement

So i changed lucius’ class and his inventory and everything worked fine at first. But after the npc event in turn 7 his battle sprite goes back to being the one for his original class and not the new one. What do i do to fix this?

You need to do his changes on the unit placer.
You prob changed only his sprite for the event.

i did do the changes on unit placer, the issue is that this happens anyway. The issue occurs only after turn 7 apparently

Try to change his Sprite in the turn 7 event in the unit placer.

You can’t change battle animations mid-game, so it’s some other issue. A different unit group is loaded in each mode, so make sure you changed all the Lucius entries in the unit placer (there are some other monks you could change if you want to make sure).
If it’s just the animations being a problem, set his custom animation to 0 in the character editor.

i forgot about lucius’ custom animations. That’s prob the problem