Is there any way to edit existing spell animations/good spell animations for this guy?

I would use Idun’s but with the mirrroring for players sucks

Also, is there any way to edit the animations in the rom already?

As well as i know is impossible edit the the vanilla spell anims, the only way its recreating then.

oh fun

Some magic animations in ROM hold frame data.
In FEBuilderGBA, it can be seen as magic animation in ROM.

However, it can NOT be used like battle animation.
It is made as a collection of very small frame data.
The magic system works by combining these small data programmatically.
Rewriting may produce unexpected results.
For example, some animations share palette data and share actions.

Instead of changing the animation in the ROM, it is better to introduce a magic expansion patch and create animation.

By the way, is there a way to extract FE7 magic animations with FEBuilderGBA? Last time I checked I couldn’t find any.

Currently only FE 8.(only FE8U and FE8J)
Since animation is scattered around ROM, I am making a list manually.
This is very time-consuming, so it’s only FE 8.