Is there any hack to allow move-after-attacking in FE7?

I think I remember a patch that made it possible some years back, but I may be mistaken. I know you can add it to FE8, but the story I’m working on requires FE7 for its map events. I’ll switch to FE8 the moment it’s possible, but in the meantime, is there any way to get a proper Canto effect?

I’m pretty sure FE8’s world map events are well documented now…

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They are and you could just use the skill system for units that need canto+

Is it possible to upload the world map of FE7 and use it in FE8? I should have mentioned my hack is set in Elibe.

Unfortunately, no. You’ll have to make a compatible version (unless you’re talking for the scene event, if so then yes)

All I need the map for are the story sequences at the start, I wouldn’t want the player to traverse it like they can in FE8. You’re saying that’s now possible?

Yes, it is (I mean it always was but ok)(not in fe7 of course)

That’s great to hear, do you know of any good tutorials for replacing the FE8 world map? I haven’t come across any.