Is there any cheat codes for changing classes in fire emblem 7 and 8,,,


Yo ,great hacker bro,do you have any cheat code that can help me to change characters classes,if there please give me some,thanks…


Is your friend


I searched a lot,but couldn’t find any working cheat code,that’s why i asked you guys,:disappointed_relieved:


Replace the 7 with 8 if you’re searching 8, click the first link, and Ctrl-F “class”.

#5 fe7 fe8
Us versions


Wow ,these code works great bro,thanks ,love it…:heart_eyes:



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How do I do that,actually I am new on this site so I don’t know how to mark questions, it will be great if you tell me the way to mark it as solved,



Got it,thanks bro/sis…