Is there any ASM that grants skills to a certain class group if a certain unit is deployed?

Basically i’m asking if any patch/ASM exists that grants a group of classes (Or all units) a skill or stat buff/debuff if a certain unit is deployed. (Or a option is chosen before the chapter like: Make Seth Commander > Grant all cavaliers Canto+).

Maybe it’s possible already with some eventing? Though i haven’t had much luck.

Seth being deployed grants all (Playable) Cavaliers the skill Canto+.
Vanessa being deployed grants all (Playable) pegasus -3 Res, +5 Spd.
Or even affecting other armies:
Gilliam being deployed grants all enemy and playable cavaliers -2 Mov.

Closest thing i see that exists and works is the leadership stars patch.

If that indeed can’t be possible then i’ll try and experiment with some eventing but i don’t think it will work.

Thank you in advance.

Unfortunately there is not, and there likely will not be one for febuilder in the foreseeable future.

There are a few ways to go about this. The ideal would be to write an asmc and insert it via a custom build. You’d want to use a buildfile for writing & testing your asmc. There’s already an asmc for giving a unit a skill with the popup message, and there are many ASMCs that loop through units. I am going to assume you do not want to try this. Even if you wrote it, you’d need some knowledge of buildfiles to run a custom build. I don’t think it’s necessarily worthwhile to write this sort of asmc when it cannot be made into an febuilder patch, but instead requires a custom build, as most users can’t be bothered with that.

This can be the condition to do X. CheckDeployed or GetUnitStatus can provide this info, then you branch based on that.

Hacky ways:
If the condition is met, change the unit pointer of all enemy units matching certain conditions. Eg. Change enemies from unit ID 0x80 to 0x81, and have units 0x81 have the skill you want.

Find the address in ram for a unit’s learned skills and use the patch that writes to arbitrary memory to alter it.

I don’t think there’s an ideal option for febuilder users without knowledge of asm / & a little buildfiles. Sorry! That’s all I can think of.

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Thank you. Yeah most likely i’ll just do some wacky eventing.

This turns Eirika into Gilliam, as an example:

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