Is there an FEA (FE13) Editor available?

Title. I’m specifically looking for item editors, rather than class and character, but anything would be cool.


try the modernfe hacking server

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How can it be modernfe if Awakening is the first Fire Emblem game


Turns out this is what I was looking for.


However, now I’m trying to get the spotpass stuff working on Citra. I see a lot of posts around the internet saying you can enable it by transferring a save with spotpass unlocked from a 3ds. I actually have my old 3ds… somewhere, but dunno where. Anyone happen to have a save file for FE13, maybe even in the earlygame with that stuff unlocked, sitting around?

I have no idea if this even has spotpass working or is at all useful, but here, have a savefile. I originally played on my actual cartridge so this one looks like it was abandoned in ch 18 with another save in ch 10. I just exported it with Checkpoint on my 3ds with Luma - hopefully that’s compatible.

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There’s also Paragon, which is relatively new.

These are all the editors available, including items.
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Is this on your actual 3ds? Can you do me a big solid, open Chapter 4, load the spotpass crap, and save? This is exactly what I needed. It’s a hard/casual mode playthrough right at the beginning of the game, but the spotpass stuff isn’t there yet.

Go to the Bonus Box, enable spotpass, and hit Update Now. Once that’s done, back up your save file.

That’s it! Big thanks in advance :smiley:

There you go. Thanks for showing me exactly how - it’s been a few years, so I didn’t really remember anything about spotpass.

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You’re the man! I will keep these save files somewhere in the repo, along with a few others, for other Fire Emblem Awakening Citra users looking for said save files.

Big thanks!

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