Is there a way to swap what titles in the palette have what color

System Icon Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones (USA, Australia) - Copy (9).gba_08A19CCC

Replace: Palette Title Color 14 (Red color in the staff Icon) with Palette Title Color 8
Replace: Palette Title Color 10 (Blue Ball Anima Icon) with Palette Title Color 14


Usenti has a swap funcion for swapping palette colours around. Maybe that will help?

It most likely would, thing is I don’t know how to do that in usenti

Rather simple. Once in Usenti, go to the Palette option and select “Swap”. Here you can swap the colours around as much as you want!

You can also select one color in LMB and one in RMB and press Alt+S to swap the index.

Also, please be aware that sometimes you have to Save As to get palette changes to save. Not sure why a simple “Save” doesn’t suffice every time, but whatever.

The Alt+S shortcut has always been easier for me to use than the Swap menu.