Is there a way to make an item increase or reduce it's CURRENT durability with events?

What I’m asking for is a way to change the durability value of an item via an event? Sorta to replicate how The Sword of the Creator works in 3H, where it “recharges” uses between maps.

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AddUnitStatus / SetUnitStatus can do that. There’s also RepairItems asmcs.

Just grab the durability byte immediately after the item id. Eg. Unit Struct +0x1f is 1st slot durability.

Yes, but with those events I can’t check in which sot the specified weapon is stored. It won’t always work as intended. Is there not a more straightforward way?

You can erase the item and give it again. If you want more flexibility, the answer is ASM. There are a couple of patches that do item searches by ID already, so you could use one of those and add Set Unit Status to it.

It’s pretty easy to write code that looks through your 5 inventory spaces for a specific item id and when found, adds to the durability or whatever. You can even do it with convoluted febuilder events with check unit status and a bunch of conditionals. I think this is something you could do yourself with a little guidance from #gba_coding_help on feu discord.

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You’ll need to do something like this:

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This is just a simplified example, but you’ll need to do the check for each unit and all 5 item slots (In this example, I only checked Joshua’s first 2 item slots). And obviously you’ll need to replace the values with what you want. It will be a little time consuming, but with long events like these, I like to do the string of commands for 1 character, export the event, and then import it again underneath, so then all you need to do it change the values to the next character’s id, which should save you some time.


Yes! This works for what I wanted. Thank you!