Is there a way to hack Fog of War out of FE12? [NO NEED ANYMORE, NEED SAVES CF POST]

So I’m looking on completing FEWiki with a map of Chapter 20x in FE12
The problem being that this map is a fog of war one and even tho i’m sure it’s feasible to get characters in all corners of the map to, well map out the position of enemies in turn one, it’s a chore so removing fow altogether would be a blessing
is that even possible ? thx

EDIT : found maps and sprites on spriters resource and used that to make it :slight_smile:
if anyone of you has save files for C20x in Hard and Maniac, and saves from C16x in any difficulty please forward them to me

I think you can use a cheat code to set FoW vision range to a huge number?

Well I had been searching for cheat codes for FE12 before and didn’t find any, if you know where I could find some it would be amazing as well

Could use this

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I don’t think I can just take WOD’s map and put in on the wiki lol