Is there a way to edit fire emblem GBA ROMs on android

Plz help me find a way to edit stuff on a fe gba roms on android

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Here you go:

In all seriousness, no there is not a good way to romhack on Android. Please don’t try and make a romhack using just a hex editor.

If you use a buildfile, you could push the occasional edit to github, I guess, but that hardly counts.


Thx I was gonna use it for editing characters on fe8

If you have a list of changes you want and they’re fairly minor I could probably whip it up for you really quick.

If you have access to a pc or laptop, that’s the only thing you should be using unless you find something odd that works for you.

Build tools for Android like these:
Nightmare for Android
devkitARM for Android

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Can I be at chapter 10 with all promo items

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Using Nightmare I think it’s ruined my games more than it’s done any good but maybe that’s because I downloaded it from somewhere else and whoever programmed it might not know what they’re doing, so I’m wondering if this site is safe here it is set to download Nightmare and try again to convert, edit GBA ROMs on android. It’s a bit strange to me that it’s in Chinese and Google doesn’t offer me any translation, so I’m a bit confused, is there Nightmare on GitHub so I can download it from there?

That is outated and doesn’t work on new version of Android. Use this instead:

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Ok, thanks I will try it.