Is there a practical way to allocate more space in the rom?

I’m close to filling up the memory. I tried rebuilding the rom but that copy bricked on me. I also tried using the allocation patch’s and they still aren’t enough. Any help is greatly appreciated and thank you.

The hard limit for rom size is 32MB. It’s impossible to make your rom any bigger.

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They seemed to be asking about ways to free space in the rom, not increase its maximum size.

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Rom rebuild is dangerous; nothing can be done about that. Try a different address to rebuild from.

Be careful when inserting gfx, bgm, and when editing the terrain for tilesets. These actions consume rom space quickly. If you edit an animation and reinsert it a few times, then the older copies of it are overwritten with 00s, but you’re likely writing the new version of it to the end of the rom and losing all that space. Rom rebuild looks for a bunch of 00s in a row and writes to it. A buildfile never wastes this space because it builds from scratch each time, so if you’re really pressed on space, you could try finishing your project as a buildfile…

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Finally, the only way is to do a REBUILD.
If that fails, you have installed some strange patches.
It is important to identify them and fix them.

Before doing a rebuild, check the rebuild section of MENU->Tools->LZ77 tools to see if there is any additional compression available.
Most of these will also allow for about 1MB-2MB.

If this is still not enough, you can delete existing data from the ROM to free up space.
For example, the opening demo of the game or a group of unused data.
Some data can be deleted from Patch.
This would free up about 1 MB of additional space.

If that is still not enough, the only way is to go through the disassembly list and delete unnecessary data, but this is not recommended.

When minimized, FE8 is less than 8 MB in size, so you have about 24MB at your disposal.
As proof, I would like to show that is 26MB.
Since there are many useless routines and data in FE8, if you just delete them, you will have a very reserved area.

Kaitou secures the available space by frugality, such as cutting LibC printf and even deleting sound effect data for monsters that are not used.

If that is still not enough, it is time to graduate to the GBA.
You should consider a platform with a more enormous capacity available, or an FE clone engine made for the PC with unlimited capacity.