Is there a list of SFX codes for animations?

So I’ve been trying to figure out about what each SFX code in the animation script is. All I know so far is what Armor Knight stomping is. I’m trying to find the archer SFX, as well as the “false hit” SFX that is used for animations that have multiple strikes.

If there isn’t one anywhere (at the very least I couldn’t find one), it’s no big deal. I’ll probably compile the list myself to make it easier on the next guy that tries to figure that out.

It’s in the “0x85 Command Usage.txt” that comes with FEditor in the doc folder.

Though the FEditor list I have doesn’t have FE8 exclusive sfx listed. (Basilisk screech, bonewalker steps, etc.)

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The music list in nightmare gives you the sfx values too. Or at least it should? Or maybe that only works for spell scripting I haven’t done many battle animations.