Is there a fe6 cheat that allows me to lvl up all characters

Can anyone please find a cheat code for fe6 that all lvls up all characters

If you connect an emulator to FEBuilder (you may need to re-import your save) and then open the game through it, there’s a cheat menu. It has its own tab, and it looks like this.

Grow all Player units Strongest is what you’re interested in. It sets all units to instantly hit their caps.

If the unit is unpromoted, it forces their caps at 20 and sets them to Level 10. That way, you can immediately promote them.

This feature in FEBuilder is available for FE7 and FE8 too.

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I haven’t been able to get this to work. What steps do I need to take after opening in the emulator in FEBuilder?

EDIT: It seems to only work on VBA-M, so if you’re using another emulator it won’t work