Is possible to make Juna Fruit up levels instead of downing them?

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There is a patch to award experience. Use that to give a tile on the map exp. Say a village you can visit only once that awards 100 exp. Or use the Special Command per unit patch to have a command that awards exp, but can only be used if flag x is on.

If you want them to gain levels but not level up, you can use the Set Unit Status patch. This is what the Juna fruit does, essentially. If it raised levels instead of lowered them, you would not gain any level ups / stats. It’d just say a higher level.

If you want to actually use an item to levelup, that requires asm. Use the ItemEffectRevamp code as a base and make a relatively simple item that awards exp. Then when you’re done, if yours is a febuilder project, you’d need to run a custom build of skillsys to insert and use the code. This is a lot more involved, so I do not recommend it.

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