Is possible to insert more space in chipsets?

I think I should go for my question. Is possible to add more space in maps chipsets? FE8 has plain, plain II, plain III, castle, castle I, fort, fort II, mountains, dark temple, etc.
I was wondering if it is possible to get more space to insert a different chipset and create new maps. Let’s suposse I don’t wan’t to overlap the original fe8’s chipsets.
I was searching in FEGBABuilder and I found this, but I’m not sure if it is this that can do the trick I’m wanting to do.
I’m sending some images if you couldn’t understand my question.

If you are wondering why the question, is because I’m creating a Hack for some friends. And I wanted to use the testers maps to create two specials leves with the old FE style map.

Welcome. Yes it is. Please watch this 4 min video

If you would also like to insert tileset animations, watch this one

Gl with the hacking


Yes and no to be honest. If you have a copy of the ROM on your computer, you can do with it whatever you like, and that includes allocating more space. If you wanted to fit such a ROM on a physical cartridge thou… You can’t to that. It’s against the laws of physics. :slight_smile:

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Some gba roms are 32mb which is why we can expand up to that. Expanding past this would make it not work on emulators. Presumably the 16mb cartridges were cheaper and fe8 fits within that with a small margin of free space, so we recommend just defining free space after the first 16 mb.

Shrek movie gba cart is apparently bigger than 32mb but it wouldn’t run on emulators and does some very weird stuff to function at all. It probably wouldn’t easily function as a game of any sort - it’s designed to just stream the video.

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