Is it possible to remove all sounds of the game to get more free space with FEBuilder?

The hack rom (The Sacred Trilogy Reskin and Rebalance, by blood) I’m editing for personal tastes ran out of space (trying to allocate new animations on FEBuilder and it says the rom has no space), so I want a way to get it. I don’t play the game with sound anyway so it’s just a waste of space. Can anyone please help me? I’m a newbie.

I tried to go on Sound Room and change allocate space to 0 but the editor won’t let me writte because it can break the rom.

Thanks for help!

Edit: Thank you so much for help and attention guys. I’ll try the Rebuild thing and if it doesn’t work I’ll give up. I’m grateful for the new things I learned here. Thanks again!

Edit2: How do I do this rebuild? I took a look at this but honestly I’m dumb and couldn’t understand.

If you ran out of space, you might have to start to cut out animations. I’ve never tried it before, but I would recommend not doing that, to avoid possible unforeseen problems later on.

Or the rom just straight up bricks itself.

I feel like it’s very unlikely that you actually managed to add around 16mb of data to the ROM you’re editing. I think you should try posting some screenshots of what you’re trying to do and any error messages you get in the FEBuilder thread, alongside posting a report there.


It’s quite possible you just need to go to your febuilder settings and change it to allow up to 16mb expanded space. Also some people like sound :sweat_smile:

I didn’t create a rom from the zero. I downloaded a rom that I liked and I’m trying to create a new class for it for my personal use, but the original creator of this hack already did his things, of course.

The rom I’m editing is Fire Emblem - Trilogy of War by blood.

Heres the screenshot of the error. It happens when I try to Import Battle Animatiom

Notice that I already did it before with the animations 0100 and 0101 for the Dragon Lord and everything worked fine.

When I try to allocate new space I receive this:

I’m for sure doing something wrong but after the above error I come here and select what I believe is the free space after clicking “free space research”:

Well, I think this is the explanation I can give because as I stated before, I’m really new to all this thing and I’m just messing around. But I already “learnt” how to use these animations I downloaded and it worked, but now it’s not working cuz of space, so I came here hoping there’s a easy way to get free space like removing sounds.

Sorry if my explanation is shit or my problem is not important or unsolvable and thank you for the attention.

It’s just for personal use and I don’t use sound hahaha

In the settings is “Enable ROM expansion up to 32 MB”

The author of the hack already did his things (And I loved it), but I’m trying to import an animation I want to use and FEBuilder tells me I don’t have free space. That’s why I want to delete sounds.

Are there things less noticeable than animations? I’m using a hack rom and editing it for personal tastes, but I love all animations this guy insert on his hack and don’t want to cut those.

Please, how can I delete an animation that is in the game already to open space then?

The battle animations? You should be able to just replace one in the rom already with the one that you want to add.

Yeah, like the animation I want to use has one for spear and another for sword. Funny thing I can only replace one. When I try to replace the second one it says I have no space.

my question is why are you trying to allocate 131kb of free space?

On your second screen (the simple space allocation menu) it says the existing number of entries is 257, but it’s trying to change that to 4,096 entries. i assume you want to add 1 animation, so change the number of added entries to 258 and see if that does the trick :wink:

I didn’t change it on the screenshot, but I was changing it to 258. Still didn’t work hahaha
Looks like I’m completely out of space

Febuilder has a rebuild option that reorganizes data to save space. However, it is quite dangerous, and will likely brick the rom if you use it haphazardly. Be sure to make a backup beforehand.

You could delete the data for a song, make sure there are no references to trying to play the data as a song, and then use that space for something else. Music and animations take up the most space in the rom from what I know.

@7743 should know more. Perhaps he can help.

Did you clear editing someone else’s ROM with the creator?

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They said this was for personal use.

Execute rebuild to secure a free area.
If rebuild fails, we will not be able to correct it, so make a backup.
It will also be a backup if you send report7z.

FEBuilderGBA rebuild

Songs take up a negligible amount of rom space; it’s instrument/sound effect samples that are the real space hogs. However, I am intimately acquainted with how samples/sound data work in GBA and I can tell you removing all the sound in the vanilla game wouldn’t give enough space to enable whatever oddity is going on that you’ve somehow used up the entire rom’s worth of free space. It would give you several megabytes at most, which is peanuts compared to the 16MB-plus-change a vanilla rom gives you to work with.

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what no

that’s completely false

I don’t think I can name even one hacker who’s come close to using all 32MB’s. Maybe Blazer? Arch? Doubtful anyone else did so.

No, the real reason you don’t want to edit other people’s games is because some people are exceptionally touchy about it most roms have data in places you’ll find hard to access unless they were made in FEbuilder and NOT obfuscated, which a huge number were. You’re liable to break something and waste all your time.

Oh whoops that was me misremembering stuff(And not knowing what I was talking about), Sorry about that.

Edit: I deleted comment because I was being really stupid when I wrote it.

Sacred Trilogy’s ROM is 31.4 MB and has a metric ton of animations. That’s why you ran out of space.

You also won’t be able to replace the existing animations because overwriting an animation in FEBuilder doesn’t actually overwrite it, it puts in a different animation with new pointers. Rebuild is supposed to clean up animation data with unused pointers, but in my experience this works maybe 5% of the time.

It is in fact, very easy to get a ROM to full capacity if you aren’t aware of this particular quirk! I’m glad I could settle this mystery that seems to continuously puzzle people much more experienced than I am for some reason.