Is it possible to reach out to Kaga for an interview?

I remember when Vesteria Saga was getting developed, there was Western outreach to help/stay in touch with the project. from what i remember, he was surprised that there was such a hardcore fanbase for his work.
I was wondering, would it be possible to reach out to him and request an interview over email?
Thoughts on this?


I would love to see someone in the hacking community reach out to and be able to interview Kaga, but he doesn’t seem to be much of a public figure; other than updating his Japanese blogs whenever developing new titles.
If you can reach him or even just the translation team for VS and interview him, I’m sure many people in the community would love to read it! But I don’t consider it very likely. Hope to be wrong.

I’m pretty sure Kaga has a twitter that he used as a dev blog for Vestaria Saga. Maybe someone here has the link?

He’s def a recluse though, but he would be rad to talk to.


While a interview with Kaga would be incredible, he does not communicate directly with English speakers due to the Language Barrier, and he reportedly didn’t do much for the localization of Vestaria Saga 1 beyond okaying the English translation in the first place.

In addition, even to Japanese players, he, in the interest of dodging legal troubles presumably, refuses to discuss anything not explicitly Tearring Saga related, so even if an interview was possible, discussion points would be extremely limited to presumably just Vestaria Saga 1 for western audiences.