Is it possible to make a Dancer Staff?


Out of curiosity for a project I’m working on, is it possible to create a staff that can refresh an ally like a Dancer can? I wanted to try and make one of the late-game Troubadours in the project to have something that makes them unique and worth using. So far I haven’t had much luck trying to make it myself.


On Mystery of Emblem, there was a Staff called “Again” with 3 uses which refresh ALL units except the staff user. Hope this helps ^^


Huh, never knew that existed. If it’s possible to replicate that for an FE8 hack, I’d love to know. So far I haven’t been able to figure it out. Maybe I can set it as a normal staff with a dancer effect as a bonus?


A dancer staff would be very easy to make, Teraspark has some custom staff stuff, dancing is really just a logical and between the unit’s status bitfield and a fixed word.


I’ve managed to get the animation working as intended, but I can’t get it to actually refresh the ally. What would I need to do to get this working?


Change the staff routine to one that does what I told you