Is it possible to define multiplue items to trigger Myrrh's transformed map sprite?

Okay, so I wonder if it’s remotely possible to define multiple items to active Myrrh’s transformed map sprite.
It seems like it’s defined in 7AC84.
When I change AA (Dragonstone) to something else, the item that I defined will trigger Myrrh to transform into her dragon map sprite.

Sadly, I lack the talent and intelligence to know if it’s possible to define multiple items to activate Myrrh’s transformed map sprite.

It’d be cool for hacks with a Manakete character with multiple stones at its disposal.
I doubt that it is possible, but it’s worth a shot.

There’s a patch called “Battle Transforming” in advanced editors that allows multiple items to act as dragon stones. All you need to do is make an item, then in the editor you copy myrrh’s transforming animations to the items you want


Does that activate the map animation, as well? Looks like that patch is only for battle animations.

If someone were to extend the map sprite function, it’s important to note they’d have to account for the sprite, as well as the unique palette it’d use.

Yeah, the patch is only for battle animations, not map animations.
It really, really annoys me that the patch doesn’t concern itself with map animations.

It’s a small detail that I really care about for some reason, even though most people don’t really care.

If somebody made a patch, it would probably only expand the list of items that would trigger the map sprite change because moving map sprites are tied to class IDs.