Is it possible to apply hard mode bonuses twice?

Okay, so…
I was looking through documentation in FE8 and I saw this check Gorgon Egg function.

I was wonder if I can call the hard mode function with a set amount of bonus levels?
Hard Mode bonuses only go up to 15 levels.

I can brute force it by having enemies load with a level higher than intended and lower it to their intended level, but that’s really tedious.

I doubt there’s a way, but that’s just something I want answered.

It won’t be the end of the world if I can’t do it.

The difficulty modifier in the chapter data is 2 bytes (4 nybbles) long. 1 nybble is the easy mode penalty, 1 nybble is the hard mode bonus, and the remaining byte is the normal mode penalty, so it can go up to 255. So most likely somewhere around 0x180FA is where you would have to make some changes. You’d want to swap the normal and hard modifiers addresses, as well as make normal be read as a nybble and hard as a byte.
Vesly made an autolevel patch that is meant to be used for enemies, which is an alternative you could use to do it through events instead, but there would be the drawback of having to do it every time new units are loaded, which would require different unit/class IDs otherwise you’d also autolevel units that were already autoleveled.

How would I go about instering your patch with buildfiles insted of FeB?

It’s an inline change, so it’s very simple. If you open the patch file, you can see the address:

OFF:0x0180FA=0xFF 0xF7 0xB3 0xFF
ONN:0x0180FA=0xFF 0xF7 0x63 0xFF

The default value is OFF, with the change it’d be the one in ONN. So to apply it through EA, you’d do:

ORG 0x0180FA
BYTE 0xFF 0xF7 0x63 0xFF

EDIT: Looks like I was mistaken in my first post. Apparently, the full byte could be read as the normal mode modifier, not for hard, so that would be another change you’d have to make.

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Forgive me if I sound like a fool,
but I did try your solution and it didn’t do anything.

I made the difficulty modifier “FFFF” on the chapter editor and nothing really happened.
I’m dense. Sorry!