Introduction: Random Guy, the scrub rom hacker (ShadowPillz)

Hello FEUniverse, i recently got into rom hacking FE7 and 8 about for a project a friend tasked me with (and my boredom told me it would be neat). Again I’m pretty new rom hacking (considering I’ve broken 2 roms so far, thank you clean copy) but i wanna learn everything i can do in terms of editing FE roms (soon i’ll make Nice Thighs and Personality OP… it’s what she wants). I’ve been playing fire emblem for quite some time now, started off with Shadow Dragon (all hail Excalibur and Merric) and later got my hands on the gba fire emblems. I hope i can truly understand what is capable in rom hacking and learn a lot from the community.

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Welcome! We’re glad to have you here but I also recommend you to join the FEU Discord as well so you can get involved with rom hacking and learn from the most experienced. You can only make these sorts of achievements happen with yourself you know.

There’s a Discord!?!

Yes, and welcome.

I recommend reading this if you’re looking into ROM modding.

Additionally, if you don’t want to use Buildfiles, there’s also FEbuilder.

And finally, Emblem Magic, which is less feature complete, but more polished.

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