Introduction + Question about Forging System

Hello all, my name’s Tsun. I’m currently drafting an outline of what I want to include in my ROM hack (which I will have a 1 chapter demo of ready when I get a new PC). My question is, because I haven’t seen this topic asked from searching, is there a forging system that currently exists in a ROM hack other than Tale of Ternon? Sorry if this seems redundant and nonconstructive, I just really wanted to find out.

EDIT: Nvm, it’s all good. I learned just now that the ToT forging system is open source lol

I made this quite a long time ago for a now dead ROM hack called Midnight Sun. Admittedly the code is very bad and hasn’t been maintained in quite some time for (hopefully) obvious reasons. Mostly just posting it for posterity if you’re curious.

Edit; Don’t try to actually build the source it has dependencies that I can’t distribute meaning without massive rewrites it won’t compile. I’m just posting it for the sake of documentation or intrigue.