Introduction because I'm new here

Hi! I’m Spades. I decided to join this site because I wanted to go to more communities about Fire Emblem. The FE games I’ve played are Echoes, Awakening, Birhtright, Conquest, Three Houses, Gaiden, and Blazing Sword. I’m currently trying to work on a rom hack because I’ve always wanted to do one so why not start one now? I might ask for some help because I’m a little inexperienced with rom hacking but hey, not knowing something means there’s a lot more to learn.


Welcome to the forum! Quick reminder to make sure and research any questions you have (some may have been answered already) a bit before actually asking

Welcome! If you specifically want to make a GBAFE hack that doesn’t deviate too heavily from those games’ mechanics, I might recommend starting with a relatively simple project just to get your feet wet with common hacking methods like FEBuilder.

Now we have “Space”, we only need “Diamond”, “Heart” and “Club” for a full deck of cards.

Hello and welcome! In addition to what the others have said, I would recommend starting with something short (like ten chapters or less; maybe even just one). It helps to get your feet wet learning to do everything with a small game before making a magnum opus.

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