Interest Check in a Hack set in Past Archanea

So I had this wack idea of a hack set in the past of Archanea, as in pre-War of Shadows stuff. Something similar to what Tactics Universe was supposed to be, I guess? Does that sound interesting to any of you?

Could you go into a bit more detail? What would this be about? How would it connect to existing Archanea stuff?

I was thinking of some sort of prequel/side-story, maybe something that shows what Archanea was like before Dolhr attacked (again), when things seemed relatively peaceful? It could even be an FE7 type of deal where a conspiracy lurked under the shadows and it wasn’t an actual hot continental conflict.

Maybe many thousands of years before, so during Anri’s adventure? I can’t think of anything worth doing for a FE7 styled prequel directly before Dolhr wages war

Apparently, according to the Archanea/Jugdral/Valentia timeline, Anri’s Amazing Adventure took place around 98 years before Marth was born, which is somewhat of an extremely short time gap compared to what I expected…

Anyway, an Anri’s Amazing Adventure hack would sound nice, but I kind of want to make the focus be on original characters in the world of Archanea, like how TU was supposed to go, but idk if that would be appealing…

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No. But that’s just because I dislike the idea of fanfiction. Don’t piggyback off of someone else’s story. Try to make your own instead.