Instrument Soundfont Insertion Assistence

Sup y’all! MegaCowsamMan here! Hope y’all are doin’ well. I’ve come with yet another question to ask y’all. So, I was wondering how to import a new instrument into FE8 via FEBuilder. Now I did look into Aggro’s Sappy Instrument Insertion Guide. But the information there looked rather outdated (I could be wrong on that, sorry in advance if so.) So I’d like to know how.

Thank you kindly for you’re assistence.


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Is it a .wav instrument?

Yup, it was exported via FEBuilder. It’s instrument 29 (Overdrive Guitar).

Oh, I see. So you want to replace an instrument with the guitar, or replace the guitar with another instrument? Sorry, it’s just not really clear to me

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Oops, sorry if I was unclear. What I guess I should of said was I wanted to replace an empty instrument slot (I.e. slot 3, 12, 43, 44, 53, etc.), with the instrument 29 (Overdrive Guitar) from FE7. I’m not sure how to exactly do that. Because I tried to do that a while ago with instrument 48 (Strings) from FE6, trying to import it to FE8. Well…it didn’t exactly sound the same (it played for the duration of the .wav file then abruptly ended IIRC). Let me know if I have to be more clear with anything I’m saying! :grin:

It’s fine. There’s actually an easy way to do that; instead of exporting the instrument as a .wav, export is as an .instone instrument through “export as instrument”. This keeps all the data of the instrument, including the loop point, which was why the wav didn’t loop. Then it can be imported properly.


Yo! It completely worked! Thanks for the help! Boy was the answer a bit obvious. I thought that feature was for something else! Thanks!

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