Insertion of map

I will be direct
Can FE 6 7 8 maps be inserted between them?
If someone knows what steps to take please

I’m assuming you meant to say 6, 7, and 8, considering 9 is Path of Radiance (and those maps can’t be re-inserted for obvious reasons).

Most maps can easily be imported and exported through FEBuilder from my experience, so long as the tileset (the thing that defines what the tiles do and look like for any given map), is the same between the two games.

Things can be a bit tricky if the map in question has a unique tileset (such as a good amount of FE6 maps). In this case, you must also insert that tileset and either replace, or go through some extra work (that I have no experience with) to get that tileset into the game.

Not inserting the tileset will lead to a complete mess, and leave the map unplayable and unrecognizable in most circumstances.

I would recommend playing around on a practice rom, so you can get a feel for how it works, since practice does in fact make perfect.

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