Inserting a Dragons Gate map in FE7

I am currently making an FE7 remake and I created a bunch of different maps that all work except for the dragons gate map. I set it up in Nightmare to use Plains and Caste as object 1, and everything else as dragons gate and used the dragons gate animation. The map in the game gets messed up regardless and I dont know what I am doing wrong. Is there something extra that I need to do to use a Dragons Gate tileset?

The Dragon’s Gate map uses the tileset 01 00 C2 C3. 01 refers to Sacaean Plains object set, and 00 refers to none. Any map made from that tileset should have those bytes set in the Chapter Data Editor module of Nightmare.

I’m pretty sure the tileset for Dragon’s Gate uses 0xC1 as the object set. I had this problem a while back. Make sure that ObjectSets.txt has 14 at the very top. I had to change mine from 13 to 14 to include that last 0xC1 entry.

Wow. I can’t believe I didn’t notice that. I just looked at Nightmare and assumed it was correct. Thanks for correcting me.

How do I find the objectsets.txt and edit it? Im new to all of this so I dont really know much about it.

Go into your Nightmare folder in your file explorer (so not in Nightmare). Then, go into your FE7 GBA modules and into the chapter data editor folder. You should see a bunch of text documents.

These are what make up the chapter data editor, and they (like all Nightmare modules) are easily editable for your needs.
When you see a .txt with a number at the top (13 in your case with objectsets.txt), that’s the number of entries in this file. Change it to 14. When it’s 13, Nightmare won’t read the 14th entry, which is the Dragon’s Gate.

thank you so much for your help

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No problem!

if you dont mind answering one more question, then can you please help me? I am done with the game now that I put the map in and all I need to do is change the names of the characters to the new names I will be using. Whenever I try to change a name, however, it either doesnt load the game past the main screen or it crashes the game when I hover over the character whose name I changed. Is there something specific I need to do in order to change a characters name?

How are you inserting the text? It sounds like you need the anti-huffman patch, either way, but if you’re using feditor it’s supposed to autopatch that (I think).

ive been using feditor to insert them. I either dump the full script and change the names and then insert back the script, or I use the built in funcionality of feditor to change the names. Both ways crash the game.

Try opening the rom in feditor, saving, and closing before doing any text editing.