Inserting a Custom Animation[Solved]

I am trying to insert the custom animations in the animation directories into FE7.
But I am encountering difficulty. I would like to replace the new animation over an old animation. So I would like to try each animation, replacing Lyn’s original unpromoted animation. Can someone help me with easy step by step instructions? Sorry if this has been answered already. I searched for a solution, but could not find one.

ultimate tutorial

All the animations comes with a file with no extension (some folks refer to this as a .file).
Open FEditor Adv, go the the Class Animation Manager.
Once there, you can scroll through the different animations by incrementing/decrementing the Input Index (or typing in a value manually and hitting Enter).
Find Lyn’s animation.
Press the Insert button, locate the file without an extension using the menu FEditor Adv brings up, then press Open.
Once it’s done, press Quit.
File -> Save.

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Thank you Primefusion! :smiley:
The pallettes messed up though. How do I fix that?

You’ll have to make your own palette for that character/class combination and insert it. There’s a few tutorials around that teach how to do it.

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Thanks bro! :smiley:
Can you give me a quick link?

Just google ultimate tutorial of FE hacking or something.