Insert joke about ssbu being the best FE game


I got interested in actually trying out rom hacks after reading the lp archives of FE Last Promise,Matthew’s Nightmare and Different Dimensions Ostian Princess. And most of the other FE lps too.
I was looking for how to use nightmare and stumbled upon here and found out Nightmare isn’t the only way to do it.
I don’t really know what else to say.
I do 2d and 3d stuff art wise. And do some programming.
I’ve got some ideas but no idea how to describe them right now cause I’m sleepy.

It’s nice to meet you guys I hope.


Nice to meet you! I hope we can get along well.

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Thank you!

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If you want to make fe hacks i’d recommend FE Builder.
It’s pretty much the easiest way to hacks the gba games

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I have it downloaded and I’m messing around with it right now.

It’s rather interesting basically looking into the code and stuff. There are two Nils when you look in the character editor for example.
I sort of wish there was an easy way to figure out which characters were used the least so you could see which civilain you could easily replace with a new character if you wanted but it’s not hard to figure out who gets used where once you know where to look.

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you can create new characters by expanding the list, the only lists that you can’t expand are the classes and a few others

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Really? Mind if I ask how? I’ve been trying to figure it out myself for a good while.

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oops, my bad.
character list cannot be expanded either, but you can just replace a generic enemy or something like that

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That was my plan. Really the only issue I’m having is which ones can be replaced without messing or bugging out the game.

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pretty much anyone, but you’ll have to make some adjustments in the unit placer

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I see. So there there’d be no way to avoid having to change around someone.
Still,you’ve been a huge help already knowing at least one of the ideas I have had is possible.
Links really are the Hero no matter where they are.


Welcome to 'Universe! Does ssbu stand for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

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You can expand classes just fine with ExpandedModularSave (if you’re hacking FE8, which you really should be unless you’re making improvements to 6 or 7 themselves rather than something new).

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yeah but expanding classes is really dangerous and can break the rom if you don’t know wht you’re doing


If you just expand+repoint your class table without doing anything further, anything past 0x7F(iirc) won’t work properly. It will not ‘break your ROM’, but those new classes will not save properly. If you have a hack that fixes this, like ExpandedModularSave (I believe there’s a separate ‘class expansion’ somewhere as well), then it will work fine.

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I mostly did it because it is the game I’ve been playing the most really that has FE characters.
And the smash bros series is how FE ended up coming to the US anyway.

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