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Hello, everyone! I am Smithy, and I’m the developer of Project Stratagem, which has been shown off at FEE3 for several years now. As always, I am thankful to the team behind FEUniverse and FEE3 for allowing my game to be showcased. I wanted to make this post to formally greet the FEUniverse community, as well as create a new avenue of communication for the game.

What is Project Stratagem?

Project Stratagem is an independent turn-based strategy video game developed in Gamemaker Studio 2, currently being developed for a PC release. While the game is inspired by Fire Emblem, it greatly deviates in gameplay, presentation, story, etc.

The game is notable for its focus on unique characters, a story filled with twists and intrigue, and a presentation influenced by punk, grungy attitudes. Somber. Rocky. With an authentic spirit.

What makes it unique?

Project Stratagem’s gameplay is reminiscent of Fire Emblem as well as other RPG/Strategy games like Codename S.T.E.A.M., XCOM, Darkest Dungeon, etc. However, the game plays very differently from all of them, crafting a fluid battle system that rewards taking action and thinking ahead.

A couple of the notable features are as follows:

  • Units utilize a limited amount of Stamina in their actions and movements. So long as they have enough Stamina, units can act as many times as possible.

  • Characters do not have classes. Instead, each character is entirely unique, making each unit play completely differently from one another.

  • Practically every skill in the game is able to be shared amongst all units. Unit progression is largely dependent on unlocking skills via conversations with allies between chapters. The player has to make a major decision on which skills to shoot for, since not only are skills a universal resource, time is finite.

The list goes on! Project Stratagem emphasizes a focus on characters and skills. There’s a lot of nuances and strategies that come from your team, ensuring a customizable, personal experience.

What’s the game’s future?

Feedback is a priority at the moment, especially from a crowd that’s already experienced in strategy games. Though I’m confident about my vision, it’s best for the game’s quality to get opinions from players on things like gameplay, balance, story, etc. There might be mechanics that aren’t up to par, scenes that could be improved- everything is subject to change, but change requires input. This is a game that takes quite a few risks, so knowing what people think is helpful.

That said, there is a feedback form on the website that addresses areas I’m concerned about in greater detail. After you play the demo, please fill the form out if you have the time. Any feedback helps!

However, you can also communicate questions or concerns on this thread, and I’ll try to respond to them. Don’t be afraid to ask me anything about the game!

Currently, version 0.3 includes 5 chapters. There are more to come in the future, so stay tuned! Generally, updates on the game’s development will be listed on here, as well as the game’s blog located on the website. Right now, there’s a closer look at the new changes posted to the blog.


Feedback Form

Thank you for your support and your time, on FEUniverse as well as at FEE3! The FE community has always been a massive inspiration for me!


Wow, I absolutely love the dark-punk artstyle. Don’t go too far off the edgelord edge, you hear? High hopes and well wishes!

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Thank you! Yeah, the edge factor is definitely part of the project’s heart and soul.

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This is probably a bit of out of field, but I was actually recommended to see this thread via FEU itself xD.

I think you project has a very cool-looking design I was wondering how is doing right now.

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Hey, thanks for checking out the project!

To answer your question, things are going very well! I’ve been quietly working hard since the last post, and I’m hoping to make some pretty big announcements soon. Still trying to get some dates set in stone, but you can probably look forward to something cool later this year in August.