Incest in my hack

Now that you’ve been baited by the title let me explain what I’m talking about.

I’m making a hack as you can probably tell. As I’ve been writing the story I’ve continuously found myself thinking the story would make more sense if it had incestuous themes. It follows a royal family(ala generic fire emblem), and the siblings all turn on eachother in a war of succession. However some of the characters are less enthusiastic about this war and killing their siblings than others, particularly ones who were close beforehand. Mayhaps extremely close. As in neglectful parents and my brother/sister is my only friend type of close.

Thing is, in real life, this type of situation can often lead to sexual rather than typical sibling relationships as a result of the environment. It would also really drive home how some of the characters are forced to fight against people they really care about while adding a bit of controversial flare to the story. I also fear if I don’t do it, people will think it’s implied anyway with the relationships the characters have.

It’s still incest though, and that’s obviously a big deal. Do you guys think it’s worth the risk adding it in this specific situation? My big fear is that this my first hack and also my first story ever, and as somebody who wants to write more for stuff, I don’t really want to be hated right of the bat. Any responses are appreciated.


my take is that as long as its done in a tasteful manner (and from what your description says, id say it is) then i’d say you’re good. however, as you said, this is your first hack/story so this also runs the risk of it being people’s first impression of what your writing is like. i don’t know what the “correct” way of approaching this is, but these are things i’d say you should keep in mind.


Imo, you should be able to write whatever you want without people hating you for it - aslong as it makes sense in the story…and from what you are saying, it does.

Don’t let anyone scare you away from writing what you want - No matter the reasons.

Wether you think it’s too risky tho, i can’t help you here. I would write it tbh - but i am also not unfamiliar with controversial themes and don’t mind stories with them, at all.


So just FE4/5… and even kind of Awakening. Perfectly in line with what the series already has!
Anyway; so long as you don’t try to glorify it and delve into it fittingly and tactfully it should probably be fine I’d think-- good luck.

Not a lot in stories bother me anymore though, so I’m probably just a weirdo, don’t know if it’s worth listening to me on this.


FEU has a content policy, FEU Content Policy

I think you should be good as long as it’s not overly explicit or racy (like an up front and center cut scene of sex/incest).


This was another big worry, yeah.

I don’t have any plans for explicit or inappropriate content though. The furthest it would get is just the relationship being confirmed as romantic in dialogue between characters. No referenced or even implied acts.

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I’m sure that should be fine if presented that way.

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Do it or don’t, but it doesn’t dovetail with the stated objective. Romantic bonds aren’t necessarily any deeper than familial ones, they’re just different. And if the idea is ‘oh they’re just this devoted to each other, isn’t it tragic this war is fracturing them’, a romantic relationship is going to undermine that, because a romantic brother/sister relationship is insanely fucked-up. Of course fucked-up people and dynamics can and should exist in fiction, but its presence here wouldn’t ‘drive home’ how they’re forced to fight against people they love, because that isn’t a healthy kind of love. ‘Controversial flair’ is not an admirable goal in and of itself, either. Mostly I suspect it’ll just get memed on.


Perhaps you should do a deeper reflection? Ask yourself why you made this topic? Are the answers from the community what you expected? Maybe you’re looking for someone to object or criticize your idea? Or support it instead?

Personally, I write some of my characters to be LGBT, but I don’t really want the story to be all about that… or do I? I’m writing a story based on Fire Emblem because I want to write a story that appeals to people who have played Fire Emblem. However, I also want to write a story that is all about a same-sex romance.

If you intend to complete your own hack, with an original story, then what option will allow you to write more frequently and get your project done?

Based on what you’ve written, it sounds like you’re already considering the technicalities of the subject. It’s not just about the incest itself, but why the incest occurs. So, remember that as you write and don’t worry if someone points out the incest in a negative or critical way. You know that there is more to your story and that it’s with those finer details that you hope to pique someones interest, including your own.


Do it if you’re confident that you can do it in a tasteful way that most audiences will not be critical of

I’m not confident anyone around here can do this in the limited medium of a romhack, but you can try if you want


To get straight to the point, are you guys gonna crucify me if I put #incext in my buildfile?


Mainly since I’m planning on largely making this hack by myself. I might commission some art because I’m really reaaally bad at that, but besides that, I don’t think I’ll have many people to consult or get criticism from.

I was expecting mixed responses, but I was hoping for something else. It would make my decision a lot easier lol

Ultimately the story isn’t about incest, and it wasn’t my original intent to have it in the story either. As I keep writing though the more I realize the situation the main characters, or rather the royal family are in, is one that’s not normal or healthy. Having only one person who you have a connection with on any level, familial or otherwise, is not something that’s normal. In fact it’s that very scenario that often leads to incest IRL, which makes me wonder if it makes the most sense with the scenario I’ve built.

I don’t have any problem depicting controversial themes, but I was starting to worry about perception. This could possibly end up being my career path and my start into game developing. Do I want to start that off, end up making a steaming pile of crap, and then end up being known as the incest guy? What if I’m putting something cheap and controversial in the story without good enough reason?

But you’re right. I wouldn’t put lgbt and incest together, but upon self reflection I think I’m just scared.

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It’s not any single reason that’s making me consider it, it’s an amalgamation.

The relationship the royals have is not normal at all. That’s removing the incest from the equation. The neglectful and alienating atmosphere makes it to where a few of the siblings only have legitimate social interactions with each other(for a variety of reasons). It’s to the point where if I were to make it without incest, I fear people may think it’s implied regardless.

It’s that in conjunction with the emotional complexity, and though it may make me seem morally bankrupt, the controversy factor. Controversy can definitely generate popularity. Though it wasn’t my intention to write a controversial story, if it’s going to happen I may as well make use of said factor the best as I can.

What you said about memeing is a really good point though. That’s kind of what I’m scared of, especially because this is a hack. It would be really easy to mess up, and even if I didn’t mess up, it could still go down the same path. That’s just kinda the risk that comes with it. That’s why I’m wondering if people think it’s worth said risk, cuz as somebody who’s just starting out, I’m not sure at all

Is it necessary? Is it conveyed in a proper and non-offensive way? If yes then you should be good.
In terms of the site FEU there is a content policy of course but as long as this topic is treaded carefully you should be fine.

From a purely artistic standpoint I’m of the belief that no topic is impossible to convey well in a piece of media, rules and standards for writing are for beginners, they’re rail guards to stop new and inexperienced (and let’s face it incompetent) writers from flying too close to the sun with too little experience and being metaphorically burned alive. However, in this specific context pay very close attention to site rules and generally follow writing advice that you get from specifically experienced writers.

Also just so that I am clear and concise for the love of God DO NOT add incest to your hack because it’s “realistic” or “fits the setting” such a heavy topic is NOT a set piece and it is NOT an element to be haphazardly thrown in because you find it to be more realistic.

Use these heavy topics RESPONSIBLY and CAREFULLY.


It would definitely be portrayed as a bad thing, I can promise that, and I’m not really thinking of adding it for the “grittiness” or whatever shit people call edginess now haha

If I did add it, its purpose in the narrative would largely be to highlight the terrible circumstances(amongst other things) the royals have grown up in. None of them have any real friends for example, and their parents are neglectful.

I do worry whether I can execute it properly though, especially as somebody new to this. I keep teetering back and forth over whether I want to do it, so I’m kind of trying to let public perception be a push so I can fully commit to an idea.

You can always use the FE14 approach, where one of them is secretly adopted

It should be fine as long as you don’t turn it into porn, I guess :rofl:

The best approach would be a FE Holy War approach (remember how there was actual incest in there too, specially with the Claude x Sylvia pairing?). It’s not like the series haven’t had stuff like this before and putting a taboo thematic there would give A LOT of spice to any plot, specially if you somehow put a debate ingame.
Example of Seliph and Yulia: they obviously like each other from the beggining and, even though the game doesn’t explore this relationship, it’s clear what the intentions of the devs were, specially because you can pair them by using glitches, which means it was programmed into the game. This is better explored in the manga.
Same with the example of Eldigan and Raquesis/Laquesis.

Last but no least: FEU Content Policy - Fire Emblem Universe (
So yeah, you should be fine as long as you don’t make any explicit scenes.

Edit: by the way, which is your hack? Is there a public beta already?

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One hack I played this year (Darius the Conqueror, pretty solid hack would recommend) had a minor scene with almost incest and it is mentioned multiple times because royalty want to keep the bloodline pure. It was handled pretty well. I believe what you’re planning wouldn’t be that much different.


Definitely. #incext is very evil as it slows down your build time substantially


Turns out there was actually a get out of incest free card the mom left behind. Genius right?

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