In FE7, how do I make chapter 19xx and 32x accessible in Eliwood Mode?

I’m new to romhacking/FEBuilder and currently working on an FE7 hack for a friend of mine. I’d like to make the story-relevant gaidens (19xx and 32x) available in Eliwood Mode. Additionally, for 19xx, I’d like to remove the requirement of Nils getting to level 7 in Lyn mode. For 32x, I’d like to increase the max turn count for unlocking it to 30 (from 20). The idea is to allow the player to easily experience the full story without playing Lyn/Hector Mode.

The issue is, I haven’t used the Event Editor before and don’t even know where to start. I’ve found some conditionals in the End Events of the relevant chapters (18xE/19xH and 30E/32H) but I’m not sure how to properly edit them. I imagine I’d also have to add conditionals to the end of the gaiden chapters so the player is sent back to Eliwood Mode as per usual, right? I would greatly appreciate any help or resources explaining this!

Hi Blavery,

I don’t event in FEBuilder so this may be wrong, beware. But for both of these, deleting the “Is this Hector mode” conditionals should suffice. These conditionals only move you to different chapters based on the mode, so you won’t need to add any to get “back” to Eliwood mode.

For starters in 18xE/19xH ending event, try deleting what’s boxed in red below. It should negate mode dependency and send you to “Accept side quest?” scroll automatically (i.e. regardless of mode). Try that and see if it works. I am GUESSING the ASM 0x807D241 is the Nils level check but could be wrong (reads “branch to Dragon’s gate if ASM returns 0” - perhaps if Nils not leveled up???)

For 32x, much of the same. Here it looks like a turn condition under the mode condition. Deleting the condition boxed in red and changing the below value 1 from 0x15 to 0x1F should do the trick. That’s 21 & 31 in decimal respectively (condition will essentially read “if its turn 31 or after, skip gaiden chapter”)

Uh hope that works. If it doesn’t and borks things up, come back and yell.


Wow, thanks a lot for the guide! I really appreciate the help! :smile:

I just tested it for 19xx and I’m able to access it after clearing 18xE. After beating 19xx, I’m automatically going back to the Eliwood Mode version of Dragon’s Gate like you said. I haven’t gone any farther than that but things seem stable for now. A small annoyance is the fact that the bit of ASM I got rid of contains both the requirement for Nils to get to level 7, and needing to kill Kishuna. I was intending on nerfing Kishuna a bit and still having the kill on him be required to access the gaiden, but considering it’s ASM I don’t think I’m gonna be able to do much about that. Not a big issue, though!

I imagine since 19xx worked out fine, the same should hold true for 32x. But I won’t be able to test it for a while as I’m doing a full playthrough for playtesting. Does FEBuilder maybe offer a way to test individual chapters without a save file? I figure the characters shown in the unit placer were used for playtesting/debugging by the devs and getting access to that would be a great help.

Also, do you know if playing both 19xx and 32x in Eliwood Mode will enable the small dialogue differences in Endgame/the different ending screen? Or would I have to make another edit for that? Although I guess I can cross that bridge when I get to it haha

Oh right forgot that you had to actually kill Kishuna to get to Teodor. This would not be hard to do via events. Try doing this:

Death Quote table tells me Kishuna’s death event ID is 0xA in this chapter. If you add a IFEF condition code with condition ID 0x5 & event ID 0xA, it will read “branch to 0x5 if 0xA is not set”. You’ll need to re-add the LABEL 0x5 I previously told you to delete. So this should branch to that 0x5 label if Kishuna did not die, which sends you to Dragon’s Gate. Otherwise, it gives you the Gaiden option.

As for playtesting, if you go to “Run → Run on emulator” (or press F5), FEBuilder will load your ROM in your emulator (you need to set the emulator in FEB’s settings).
There should be a debug menu that pops up (can be found under Tools otherwise) which has a “Cheats” tab. This allows you to skip chapters, warp to chapters, max char stats, etc. while emulating. Pretty nifty.

And I don’t remember what the dialogue differences are lol it’s been too long. But I would assume the game checks for an ID for whether or not you played the chapter. I would think everything would show, but you’d need to look specifically at the events. They could have been dumb and put IFHM conditions in there who knows.

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I was stumped on how to add/edit events in the first place since FEBuilder doesn’t make it very obvious, but I figured it out. To anyone who might be reading this in the future, what I did is the following:

I selected an already existing event in the Event Editor by double clicking it. Then I clicked the ‘Insert’ button to create a copy to edit (CTRL+C → CTRL+V also works). If the event is placed in the wrong spot, you can use the small arrow buttons in the bottom right to move it around.

Then I double-clicked the newly created event and clicked the ‘Command’ button on the right (Right-click → Direct Edit also works). This opens up a list of event types. On the left, select the category ‘Conditions’, then ‘GOTO_IFEF’ and double-click it. Now you’ve got a conditional you can edit.

Once I solved that conundrum, typing in what you said worked perfectly. Killing Kishuna sends me to 19xx now! :smile:

And that’s some great intel on the Cheats section of RunTest, which I had completely missed. That’s exactly what I was looking for and it’s gonna save me so much time during playtesting. Thanks a lot for your help, I feel like I’m finally starting to figure this program out. :sweat_smile:

(Would’ve loved to add some images to the instructions, but I don’t appear to have permissions for that)

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