Importing Error Using FEditor[Solved]

So I am trying to insert more battle animations, like halberdier and great knight for example, into FE7 with FEditor Adv without replacing any existing animations. I have already successfully added the halberdier at slots A3 and A4, but when I try to add any more animations past the A4 slot I get this error:

Anyone know what this means? I know there is no problem with the animation, I can successfully insert it anywhere earlier in list but once I get past A4, FEditor gives me this error.
Is there no more free space for FEditor to save the animation or do I need to repoint its data or something?

So I just tried adding the same animations to a clean rom in slots past A4 and they loaded just fine. So I guess its something wrong with the specific rom I’ve been using. Is it possible that I saved something else to where FEditor is programmed to store new data?

By default it writes to the end of the ROM, so unless you told the data to go in a specific location in your ROM, no you shouldn’t have had an overwriting issue. Can’t say what your actual problem was though, Feditior likes to be bitchy

Thanks, good to know where it gets saved. I think I’m just going to start over in a clean rom though, I hadn’t done that much work and it sounds like Feditor just doesn’t like that particular rom

always always always save before you start doing anything in FEditor

contrary to common sense, saving before doing anything in FEditor is not pointless and it does do something important

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