Importing a new soundfont into fe8

I’m still working on my own MAFC (I know I don’t have time already, but i want to upload it here anyways)
and i have the idea of using the mother 3 soundfont instead of the fe8 original’s, and i want to know if
there’s a easy way to import a sf2 file. I don’t care if I have to use buildfiles by the way, even though I have no idea how to use them.

I don’t really know anything about music but I think Staff of Ages used a slightly different sound font compared to vanilla so maybe you could ask Alusq.

Mother 3 is also a GBA game so I guess you can copy data directly.

In the olden days (pre-2014), people would import music from other games by copying and pasting data in a hex editor. For Staff of Ages, I used Sappy to import .wavs from many different games and configured the instrument table to point to each one. The “inserting custom samples” section in this SF thread is where I originally began learning how to do this years ago, but some messing around with Sappy is also necessary to master it and understand what you’re doing. Keep in mind that this method isn’t modular at all and requires you to keep track of where you’re inserting all of your samples, your key split maps, etc.

There is no way to wholesale import an entire SF2, from what I know (although that’s more because I haven’t bothered to research it since my current method works for me). I think it’s a planned feature of GBA Music Studio but isn’t implemented yet.

Normally i would import the samples by myself with no problem. The thing is that Mother 3 Soundfont
is, not only huge, but also almost every instrument uses key split which are huge as hell too.
That’s why I asked how to import a sf2 (instead of manually importing everything).
Thank you all.

EDIT: Also I have to point that Mother 3, as far as I know, uses a different music engine from fe8’s,
and that makes the things even harder.

It’s a different music engine - I think it processes sound data more efficiently - but the structures are all the same. It still uses the same format for the sequencing and wav data, and the samples are 16-bit rather than 8-bit.

As far as I know there is no available program to import an .sf2 file directly. I don’t imagine it’d be terribly difficult to write a program to do this for you but I wouldn’t have any idea how to do this.