I'm Dolly Bow!

Hi all, I’m Dolly and I’ve loved playing FE mods for years. I’m starting to consider getting into FEBuilder and I thought I might start by trying to create straight ports of FE6 and FE7 into FE8 for easy compatability with patches and as a base for others to create overhauls with the extra tools available for FE8. Is that something people would find useful, and do folks think it’s a good way to start learning?

Thanks, and nice to meet you all and exit the realm of lurking lol.


Happy to see a new face here! If you want, you can contact me, I’m working in a small hack and tbh I require a bit of help.

Either way, welcome!

Hello dear user, welcome to this enchanted realm of knights, wizards and heroes, but also of scammers, gamblers, burglars and, of course (and first of all) nerds (vast majority, alas :rofl:). Be sure to ask for directions, if you don’t want to accidentally end up in the slums of this site. :crazy_face:

Welcome DollyBow hope you enjoy your time here

Not sure how to DM here, but I’m open to discussing ways I might contribute to your FE7 rebalance. Just know that I’m totally unable to create any original art assets. I’m on discord as dollybow.

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Tap on profile and tap message for dm

Oh don’t worry about it, we can discuss the stuff on discord, I sent you a friend request already (mranster) hope we can talk more about it!

Welcome! But a FE6 or FE7 port to FE8 was it not done already? No one bothered to it before?

There are 2 Fe7 in fe8 1 is incomplete and other went being nightmaremode so both need more time but if he can do it faster with same help then its always good no?

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