Idea I guess


How do you guys feel about a fully fledged hack starring Zephiel, Murdock, Brunya, and Narcian, taking place five years after FE7. It’s kind of like an alternate universe. Same setting but with a story twist. Not really a lot of information as I’m planning the story as of now but what do you guys think?


So like an inbetween to FE7 and FE6? Sounds like Elibean Knights


Instead of a bunch of other one off stories it’s one linear story.


Sounds like it could be interesting if done right.


sounds like fe6.5


Why would we want to learn more about Zephiel apart from that story in Elibean Nights? I don’t know.


As I said, it’s an alternate timeline/universe, almost like a different Zephiel from Elibean Nights. Instead of following his FE7 into FE6 path it’s a bit different, and it’s ending won’t follow FE6’s timeline.