Idea for a rom hack that I am working on

I’m thinking of a fire emblem hack called Fire emblem: Outlaws

It is about a thief from another continent stealing the fire emblem. The reason is because the other counties want the fire emblem so they would go to war for it and he wants to stop that. Later on he realizes that the people who joined him want to be free and that is why they are running away so he wants to liberate the rest of the continent’s people so they can be free without harm.

Just an idea so give me your feedback.


I say give them Capture. If it’s a ROM hack involving Outlaws, then you need a Capture Mechanic. It’s just an idea that you might consider.


Thanks that was an idea i had because giving skills to characters were tiring and the same thing with shove.

That would be the smart thing to do for developing a ROM hack. Hope your project would be great amongst the other ROM hacks.

Sounds kinda like the Archanean Fire Emblem being stolen by Adrah. It would be really interesting to have a story revolving around Archanea’s founding!